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X Roads 2001

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Camp Crossroads 2001!!! This year, the camp was at Estes Park, Colorado. This year's camp was filled with fellowship, praise, and devotion to God!! Do you know where I am...??? Give up?? Well...I am the guy in the front row and wearing a black long sleeve, Colorado shirt.

This is a picture of a workshop that we had in Camp Crossroads. It was about Gossip and how it was wrong, so DONT DO IT! hehe. There I am, sitting on that platform thing, looking like I'm going to fall asleep, BUT IM NOT! hehe.

 Here's our Praise Team up at the camp! They played AWESOME music and helped us to worship the Lord through music! The Praise Team featured(from left to right) Pastor Bu(Guitar), Vicky(Keyboard), Tom(Guitar), David(Guitar), Kiwi(Voalist), and Lin(Vocalist).