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X Roads 2000

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ARE YOU READY?!?! That was the topic for this year's first ever Camp Crossroads!!! It was in Ponderosa, Colorado. This year's camp helped a lot of people to get to know their brothers and sisters better and it was filled with games, fellowship, laughter, and all the good stuff!! hehe.

Here's a picture of my brother in Christ, Morgan, and me!! As you can see in the background, we are preparing for a water ballon fight!! At this camp, I got to know Morgan a LOT better!...maybe a little bit TOO MUCH! haha..just kidding! I am on the right and Morgan is on the left if you haven't figured that out yet.

ITS LUNCH Camp Crossroads!! Here's a picture of all the High School guys eating. From counterclockwise, Me, Tim, Morgan, Ray, Johnny(with the camera), Ivo(You awake???..hehe), and Teddy(who are you looking at...the camera is OVER