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Ahmed Pur Lamma

 The Sad Town of  Bahawalpur State

Aamir Sajjad Gilani

Lamma (lamma’n) is a word used for west or for distant land, in saraikee, a native language of southern Punjab. This word was used to distinguish this town from Ahmed pur sharqia (eastern), neighbor town of Abbasid Nawabs of Bahawalpur.

History: It was a famous town for the trade of cotton and camels since many centuries. Local historian are of opinion that this town served the Muhammad bin Qasim 's army, on the way to Multan. It is not mentioned in any reliable history book.

Nawabs of Bahawalpur developed it and named it after a local nawab Ahmed Khan Abbassi  who re shaped this town in 1764, only to provide a vigilant watch over Sindhi Kalhora’s. In the mud built fort 200 soldiers were appointed. In the history this army never fought against the Sindhi rulers. No important historical event ever took place here.

Hindu traders and Muslim peasants made the town prosperous. Later, under Nawab Bahwal, sub Tehsil was established here, which became Tehsil, soon. Revenue had been the problem of the town, which prevails, even now in 21st century. When British laid the railway line from Peshawar to Sind through Bahawalpur State, it passed through Sadiqabad.

. It was transformed into a tehsil only to serve for a few years. It's status of Tehsil was confiscated in the favour of Sadiqabad another village , later turned into a busy city. Ahmed pur lamma became a town committee... a sad incident for the locals. Town never recovered from the shock.

After this , town could not bear the dishonor.

 Reamins : Now visitors can see  dismantled fort, ghost villa's, high roofed traditional Hindu Marees (houses) and temples. Town bazaars are replete with old , haunted shops with beautifully carved wooden doors and windows without any goods to be sold. Narrow coiling streets reminds of a typical Rajasthani town. Subhag chand 's Havelli , Mohalla Poplian , Mohalla Haafiz Tehseen , Rang Mahal are famous for old buildings everywhere. After Partition in 1947, many Muslims from India migrated and were settled  here. Now those people are well of and are of great political importance here. Saraikee and Punjabi live here peacefully. Town has a typical look of sariakee and Punjabi culture.


Latitude 28.3167, Longitude 70.0500, Altitude (feet) 249 ,Lat (DMS) 28° 19' 0N Long (DMS) 70° 2' 60 E Altitude (meters) 75

 Ahmed pur lamma is situated at the border of punjab and sind, on the road from sadiqabad to bhong. It has a long  hot summer with very low annual rain .Winter is short and dry. It is believed that  whenever sky tries to shower here, up stretched legs of prostitutes and bum boys stops the rain, There are shrines of saints at the four corners of town. It is believed here that saints are saving the town from the wrath of God.

Places near Ahmadpur Lamma





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Goth Måchhi


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Fort Fazilpur


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Raja Kata


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Important Places:

The Town Fort, Shrines of Hazrat Fazil shah, Khaki shah, Basharat shah, Dadla shaheed and Pak bibian are the famous shrines. Haveli Mukhi Sat ram, Haveli Mool raj , Rang Mahal, etc are the worth seen buildings.

Threats to Our Heritage

Wall around city is damaged and vanished. Punjab Police occupies historical fort, which could be the monument of the town. Old heritage of the town is disintegrating day by day. Old sky high vacated maarees (buildings) of the Hindu saiths are deteriorating and transforming into ruins. Beautiful chowks and wells in the local haveli’s and raijsthani styled coiled narrow streets are vanishing. Hindu temples are being treated badly by the locals. Old shops are being demolished and turning into new ones.

Our Pride:

They are the pride of the town. They have served the town and earned a good repute to the town. WELL DONE! 

Sheikh Nabi Bakhash

Syed Khateeb un Nabi

Bakhat Faqeer

Syeda Sughra Bibi

Sheikh Muhammad Aslam

Syed Mehmood  Shah

Baqi  Ahmed puri

 M. Khalid  Khokhar

Sheikh Aziz Aslam

Syed Sajid Mian

Dr. Tufail Ch.


Development Phase I

In late 60’s B.D elections were held & Sheikh Nabi Bakhash (late) was the chairman of town. He initiated some developmental work.

In 1985, Syed Khateeb un Nabi (Chairman) developed the town with the help of grant from Rafique Hydar Leghari (Punjab Food Minister). Town was renovated. Girl’s high School, Medical Center, Sewerage and pavement of streets were the main projects.

Development Phase II

In 2001, District Nazim, Makhdoom Syed Ahmed Mehmood provided a generous grant to the town. Metal roads were laid in the streets, tough tiles were mounted in the narrow bazaars. Town now gives a new look. 

Syed Sajid Mian, the Nazim, did the great task by using the grant sensibly and without political, religious, lingual and racial differences and prejudices. Metal roads, tiled bazaars and bricked streets are the current projects. He lost the city nazim election in 2005.

Imran Azam, The new Nazim is a young man with a rich family background. It is hoped that he will lead the town well.

Our Problems:

City‘s main threat is addicted new generation. Narcotics have destroyed the youth. Drug lords and dealers are making money and killing our sons. Other threat is mini movie theatres which have done great harm to the academic approach of the local lads.

Our Dream

Town has its own public park, a library, a gymnasium, a multipurpose hall, wide and comfortable entrance, uninterrupted electric supply, high literacy ratio.

Local Festivals

Shrines of Syed Khaki Shah and Diwaana Sarkar have festivals, where people go to pay homage and enjoy Qawwalee programmes. Display of Gurz(penetration of sharp needles through cheeks and lips) is another specialty of the festivals.

Local Life Style

 Very casual life style prevails in the town. People enjoy the company of friends over the cup of tea and chat for hours. Tea stall of Malik Bhatti and Hair Saloon of Nathoo are the rendezvous.

Pioneer in Education: My grandmother Late Sughra Bibi was the founder of Girls School here in early sixties. She was a brave lady. In spite of local resistance she was firm enough to establish a school for local girls. My grand father Syed Qutab Aalam was a seasoned Teacher and a renowned social worker. He helped his wife to go through the task .Now that primary school has become an intermediate school. Thanks God

Al Sultan Library : We have started with a free library service in the town. Local lads like Fayyaz ovaisi, Abbaas,  Najam Shah , Khalid Khokhar  and my poor self are striving to establish it on a wider scale. May God help us?

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