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Equality (Natives,Asians,Mexicans,African Americans)

people in each group

Equality was the bomb! and i would like to thank the one that made it all posible, Dian Borma our fith Grade Teacher. and i personaly would like to thank Janece Whitford who was my equality person. Now me and Brenda had made up a song that may have anoyed you if you heard it, but here are the lyrics to our song!!!!!! CHORUS: Bumpa dumpum equality bumpa dumpum equality VERSE 1: natives were the first to come here and white men they did fear, until they traided with them for beads and guns and things and necklases and rings. VERSE 2: Blacks came from Africa, and on a boat that would float they came to America to be slaves and weren't aloud to vote. VERSE 3: