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Martin Luther King Jr. and The Civil Rights Movement

On May 17th,1957, Martin Luther King jr. rallied 37,000 people in the "Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom", his first major march. Along with that he led "The Cry of the Blacks for Ballot" in order to allow African Americans to participate in more of the legislative processes. Although King was arrested several times for "unacceptable behavior of an African American", he suggested to his followers to remain non-violent in order to promote peace among humans of every race. He believed that the race issues could not be solved...through retaliatory violence. Martin Luther King jr. had major effects on the African American soldiers fighting in Vietnam. He believed that one day they wouldnt be separated and they could live equally. His words strengthened fighting African Americans. He protested daily with thousands of followers and the support of his family. Finally, on July 2,1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill.