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Welcome to DBZ Demension!!! You can check out all the stuff that I have for you!! ENJOY!!!!!!!

WELCOME BACK AMY! Love your Family and Friends :D

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Hello and welcome to my site! Guess what everyone I am starting to get my website up and running again! Yaaaaaaaa!

Updates: BLAH!!!!!! Sorry about the late update i've been very busy!!! Will i added some more awards. 2 of them are from blue angel. Will she gave the awards before she close down her site!!! And one person gave me award from Rind Of 18: Life After Life. I added this to the link page to! And I took down the awards that you can win and put much better ones!! I mean they really did suck!!!:P Will i added a new page call contact me! Now you can contact me!!!lol Will thats its for today ok bye