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30/12/05 By Malax
Hi all, its been some time since I've done this. Unfortunately not got much of an update. A few links and I went to the trouble of moving the old design back onto this banner riddled server. For those who still e-mail me asking for things that you see around the sites, I apologise but I no longer have any of the files. Best bet is to use Soulseek

The best place these days for you Hives fix would appear to be: The Hives Fan Messageboard They also have alot of the rare stuff I had. Check it out.

Official Site is at But is a pile of crap as far as I can tell. Finally for the stuff that isn't on here (pretty much nothing) Use the Hives Archive

If anyone has anything they want me to put on here, a site or anything just send me an e-mail. The site will remain here for as long as people visit it. design | built2speed............