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The Canterbury Tales Informational Domain

The Canterybury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer
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The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories that is predominantly about thirty people who go to Canterbury (England). During the time of their traveling, the pilgrims shared stories with each other to in a way, "kill time". The idea was for each pilgrim to tell four tales, two on the way to Canterbury and two on the way back. That means that 120 tales would have been told, but only 24 tales make up the text.

The pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales contain various medieval genres. For example, the tales include the humorous fabliau to the serious homily. They also discuss medieval customs and attitudes in areas such as marriage, love and religion.

The Feudal System of the Middle Ages is a very important aspect when it comes to Geoffrey Chaucer and it is interwoven through his work. The Canterbury Tales is a good example of this because he includes information about the hierarchy of the society and in a sense the 'status' of the people. The majority of people that lived during the the Middle Ages lived on a manor. A manor consisted of a castle, church, village, and normally farm lands that surrounded it.

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