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important photos to me

these are some of my favorite photos of friends.
some live far away, some have just moved,
some are still here, some i don't see
as much as i should and others
i would do anything to be with right now.
not everyone knows people like that.
i guess i'm very lucky.

hogmany berts bar 2002

bea and john in stockbridge xmas 2002

shep and me hogmany 2002

ewan at cramond island

ewan on a pedalo at blair drummond safari park

ewan used to cook

gary and george hogmany 2002 edinburgh

its not a sausage its a cigar

everyone bert's bar hogmany 2002

mulled wine in the gardens hogmany 2002

everyone rabbit earing hogmany 2002

john and ewan in stockbridge flat in jumpers

bert's bar hogmany 2002

old fashioned photo in stockbridge flat 2002

unhappy anna at campsite march 2003
hogmany 2002

john and anna

john and anna again

bea and anna

bea and anna dancing

pete boggon comes through the door

sweat patched joseph

happy john hall

anna and pete

the two johns