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Hi, I'm Beverly
Welcome to My World

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Hi, I'm Beverly...and Welcome to my World. I've grown up as a Southern Girl here in Alabama. If you know anything about the South, You should know we all have nicknames here and I've had my share, like Bev, and Bevvie.

The one that stays in my heart forever, is Cissie.  My dad called me that.  He recently passed away and I miss him so dearly that it's  bittersweet when someone calles me Cissie now.  Daddy took a big piece of my heart with him when he passed.

I think of myself as Educated and Well learned in daily life. I hold a master's degree in Education and love writing.

Thanks for dropping by and If You like my poems Please let me know by signing my GuestBook below. Thank You so much, Beverly.

(Dad, You are my Hero, I'll Love You Always)

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Special Friend

The Happy/Sad Girl

Lovers For Eternity

Tiger's Poem

Enslaved by Thoughts of You

Breaking Up

A Daughters Love



More Coming Soon

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