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Weekend Getaway
by Alecia

the floor had finally warmed from the fire in the fireplace. he had been lain there for an hour or so it seemed. In the other room She took Her time as always, She never hurried. Upon entering the cold cabin she'd ordered him to strip then lay in front of the fireplace, then She tied him. Ankle and wrist to the legs of the two couchs then lit the parcel of wood that awaited only a match's flame, went to the bedroom and bath beyond to change into something comfortable.."more appropriate" She had said. As the warmth crept across his body he waited. Finally the tapping of heels signaled Her approach.Clad in only perfume and boots..Her wonderful black boots..they shined all the way up past Her knee where they ended. Her beautiful black boots. She stopped by his head with one foot in front of the slightly turned other. Models called it a "five o'clock" pose..probably for the reason when standing that way it made a man forget work..and everything else for that matter. Her honeyed voice flowed over him, "and now for the whole of the weekend you..are now Mine, My pet". he shivered, who knew but Her what plans She had in store for him. The toe of Her boot an inch from his nose now, he knew what She wanted of him for the moment. he stretched then kissed the leather that was so shiny it reflected his face as his lips touched then parted as he kissed as She smiled. his tongue swirled, glistening the shiny leather until she pulled it away to be replaced by the other which promptly recieved the same care. "Very good, pet" She said, Her slender heel slipping past his lips and along his tongue then withdrew. Slowly she thrust into his mouth with the heel, as a strong Man would with His length into a willing woman's mouth, but he was not such and neither was She. Her power claimed him and his body to Her will. "such talent" She praised him as he swelled in hopes she would allow him to pleasure himself for her entertainment as She often did. it was the rare occasion that She Herself took pleasure by his length, most often it was his tongue She demanded. he remembered this as She withdrew Her slick heel from his mouth and trailed it down his neck. Feeling more weight as it scraped down his chest, he throbbed and pulsed as Her heel bumped his shaft then stroked up and down the sides of it. he moaned with desire as Her touch left his sensitive rod. A moan cut short for She had squatted over his mouth and lowered the moist folds of Her sex to it. "show what real talent you have now..." She demanded and he started to softly lick the outer edges of Her center as the scent of Her filled his breath, She gasped and sighed when his tongue thrust into Her and She pressed all of Her weight down. Craving Her juices he licked. Thrusting his tongue deep within Her, She sighed and ground Herself down. he dragged his tongue out and up, flicking Her clit. The sensation through Her pleasure nub sent lightening through Her as She yelped then cried out when he closed his lips around it and suckled steadily. Her thighs quivered along the sides of his face and he plunged his tongue back into the hot depths of his Mistress, finding the ridges of Her g-spot he pressed then rubbed causing Her to spasm. Then suddenly She grasped a handful of his hair and yanked upward hard as She flooded his mouth with her juices, screaming. Time for Her suspended as Her piercing wail trailed off when the world tilted, then righted. Spent, She fell back on him shaking with the aftershocks that thundered through Her body as sleep claimed Her. the softness of Her hair surrounded his lower body stirring his arousal, straining for a release caused him to arch up, again and again he thrust waking Her to anger. "how dare you!!!!" She raged. "hump My hair like some animal lower than what you should be??!!" With lightening fast moves She had released his wrists and ankles then had his wrists secured behind his back, jerking upward he got to his knees then was shoved forward. "what have you been told about gratifying yourself?" jerking his head back viciously by the handful of hair in Her grip."never, ever without Mistress' permission" he whimpered in guilt. Pain fired through his butt as a strap arced across it causing him to yelp," thank You Mistress!", "you're going to thank Me allright worm," She hissed and the strap fell five more times rapidly. he pressed against the rough floor with each strike, his yelps fading to gasps..the pain of the strap moving him against the floor, thrusting against it as he had Mistress' hair. the memory of it sparking in his body and he moaned taking 6 more lashes shivering, he spilled onto the floor convulsing and the strap paused. Mistress was now infuriated, he had still climaxed against Her will. She stood and used Her boot, shoving him back til his nose was above the puddle then pushed down. "well now, since that was so important to you.. you'll spend the night with it." then walked to the kitchen and drew a pan of water. he heard the sounds but wouldn't look up. Her steps resounded as She stormed back in, then a hissing, She had dowsed the fire. Slinging the pan aside, "that's where you'll sleep, perhaps by morning you'll remember just who you're supposed to provide pleasure for." Her steps faded then a slam as She resigned him to the lonely cold night in his puddle while She slept in the warm the soft bed. his tears fell and mixed with his cum as he softly sobbed himself to sleep already shivering in the dark....
to be continued

Weekend Getaway pt.2
by Alecia

"AHHHHHH" he shrieked from the strap across his tender but cold butt waking him to pain. the toe of Her boot pressing the back of his head kept his nose in the cold semen on the floor. "Who is supposed to recieve pleasure?' She demanded hotly then pressed the slender heel down onto the back of his neck."Mistress recieves pleasure," he struggled to say clearly to be heard. "And when do you get gratification?" She asked twisting the toe of Her boot. "For Mistress' entertainment, when Mistress commands," he whimpered. "See to it you do not forget again or you'll get worse," She hissed then removed Her boot from his head and stepped away. Staying as he was, he waited, knowing if he even twitched without her permission Her punishment would immediately be carried out. a towel dropped in front of him, "Clean up that disgusting mess," She said simply. he took the towel in his mouth and scrubbed back and forth quickly. "Ass" She commanded with him moving as fast as possible. Crouched behind him he felt Her grab his soft length then felt metal and leather..a gates of hell encased him. A firm squeeze that crossed his eyes got his attention." Have you completely cleaned your mess," She asked sharply. he nodded quickly."Good," She reached and untied his wrists,"put that away and wait for Me by the back door." She stood and walked slowly back to the bedroom as he carried out Her instructions. A few moments later he heard Her returning..the tapping of Her heels were punctuated with a jingling sound. The jingling of spurs. Mistress wanted a morning ride. Stopping in front of him She tossed down a set of mittens and knee pads which he quickly put on then assumed position on hands and knees there. Reaching down She buckled the bridle on his head then placed saddle bags across his back then pulled the reins signaling to follow Her out the door. Outside, at the edge of the porch he stopped and waited as She say down on his back side-saddle. With a pull to the reins he turned followed by a jingling jab of the spur on his thigh he started out walking gently swaying Her. She smiled as She looked around at the trees and shrubs then spurred him again, this time in the groin almost, too close to his tender genitals. He hurried as fast as he dared for Her. If he caused Her to fall off his back She'd tie him to a tree with the reins and straddle his back then spur him to buck until he collapsed. 'breaking him' She had called it when he had done it before, the result was a bloody groin when by the time he had collapsed screaming. She wore the rounded spurs for now, which she jabbed him in the groin with to remind him to hurry along. To ask the urgency of the ride would only prompt another spurring but he wondered if he had slept through the Mistress' breakfast for he had not had the chance to eat. Nor had he seen dishes in the kitchen left for him to clean as was Her way when She opted to provide Her own meals, which was extremely rare. Hurrying along She pulled the reins to the left guiding him onto another path.' The pool' he though with relief. It would only take 15 minutes to go there as opposed to the other path, which toured the property, that would take hours for the 10 acre parcel to be circuited. As he semi-trotted along he wondered as to Her hurry. When he reached the edge of the clearing he heard the splashing of the small waterfall and breathed heavily in relief. tugging back on the reins She slowed him to a walk then stopped as She admired the view. Just as his labored breathing steadied a jab of spur urged him to a walk again. She pulled the reins to the right, guiding him around to a small hitching post placed there for him. A tug on the reins stopped him in front of it and She dismounted his back and wrapped the reins securely to the post. She removed the saddle bags from his back and reached inside and took out a bowl then a package of cereal and milk and poured them into the bowl then placed it on the ground in front of him and tussled his hair. "Breakfast," She said in a now chipper singsong voice and walked toward the edge of the water. he ate quickly and slurped the milk then turned and watched as She unzipped her boots and pulled them off. She giggled as She tested then stepped into the cool water. he sniffed the fragrant as She waded out then swam. Twice while the Mistress swam and sunned he shuffleed to the side as far as the reins would allow and relieved himself but would not wipe himself for he had nothing to do it with and dared not rummage through the saddle bags for anything. A crop or paddle usually kept would remind him such plundering was not allowed. Her melodic laughter was closer now as he turned his head to face Her approach with shame for his condition. Noting his appearance She tugged the reins free and led him down to the water. "Get clean,"She said. At the edge of the water he removed the mittens and kneepads then quickly entered the water and washed himself off then crawled out. Quickly he put the mittens and kneepads on then stood on all fours by Her side. She led him back to the hitching post and tossed the saddlebags back across him again and remounted as earlier. "Yaa," She called as She spurred his groin setting him out back to the cabin as quickly as he dared. 15 minutes later, he was yanked to a stop at the porch and She jumped up. "A good ride," She said gently and petted him as he panted from the rushed return. She led him back inside, took the saddlebags and removed the bridle then tussled his hair again. "We have to hurry,now," She explained," Guests are comming for the evening. you are to be at your prettiest for Them, not to mention your best of behavior." he knew instantly what that entailed. He was to be dressed and made up in a french maid dress complete with lingerie, stockings and high heels, even a wig for the Ladies benefit. Once when Mistress entertained Her Friends several had brought their slaves and subs with Them. he had even coupled with one pretty sub girl for Their entertainment. he could only hope it may happen again, Mistress had been very pleased with his performance. Perhaps for Their enjoyment he would be commanded to repeat it. he only hoped that the sub had gotten some enjoyment from it. It had seemed that she had. time was short as he hurried to his bath to prepare for the evening ahead... to be continued

The Ballerina

by Alecia 'head up' she thought as she help her position, high on her toes, ankles crossed and her fingers lightly resting on the bar. 'it's lower than it should be' a thought frequently repeated after its discovery a few days ago, 'just for me'. It was, just as the music room had been remodeled as a dance studio, additional equipment for the gym and the suite redecorated, to high light a long list. Even meals, as if the cook read her mind, a ravenous though fickle appetite. her Patron left her needing for nothing. Except. Except a certain feeling. The one dancing no longer gave her. With a quick catch of breat she spun , dropped and hopped back onto her toes. No longer did her legs shake from that manuver, nor did she feel fire in her feet. 'Good' she thought as a scent invaded her next breath. It struck her as strong. Powerful, sexy. and very masculine. The scent of man. Man that could make a woman feel delicate and desirable. Her eyes snapped open in wonder. Why would she smell such a scent? the reflection in the mirror told her why. Her Patron standing just behind her. "What was wrong? Am I too high of maintenance?' His eyes fixed on hers and her heart stopped. "Barely started and already at your difficulties." His voice crept into her ear. A chilling voice. I f ice could speak it would sound like Him. Holding her breath, "impressive," he said and she blushed. "That pleases You," she asked softly. "You please Me," He answered cooly. Her blush deepened and something inside her...clicked. "I try," she whispered. His shoulders moved slightly as she felt something slide around her waist. "Do you now," He asked but not actually of her. 'What's happening' she asked inside her mind but couldn't let the words out of her mouth as something drew taut and her flat stomach was pressed to the bar, then her wrists were tied behind her back. something similar to ribbon held her there. Ribbon like the kind wrapped around her ankles used to hold her toe shoes to her feet. 'Why? Why am I tied like this?' she thought frantically but still couldn't find the voice to utter the words and more ribbons tethered her ankles apart to the wall. Heart racing and blood burning through her body she shivered not knowing what was to become of her."perhaps just alittle tighter.' where had that thought come from she wonder in half panic. Her hearing keyed then locked to his voice, mummuring things to her. how she was so beautiful and gracefull whilst His hands started raoming her body. never being touch in this way before she startled but the ribbons held. She was there, and going to be there til he decided otherwise. 'good' another alien thought slid through her mind again. where are these thoughts coming from? she asked herself as His hand gripped the ponytail of her hair and pulled slowly back to Him. "wait...what if someone should see them like this? a maid, or butler even her dance mistress?' she thought desperately. "all the better," a small voice whimpered. She gasped. that voice. It wasn't His. In horror she realized, it was her very own. "Please," she whispered, her voice small and sounding very far away, like not her own,"please." His lips brushed hers and her mouth opened on it own and finding a kiss awaiting it. Sweet, forceful and so very very delicious a kiss as finger tightened at the neck of her leotard. it was pink, the only time she wore it was for practice. A quick jerkand it ripped downward andsomething stirred deep within her. Low inside her in a place she was not very familiar with though she never her body and its quirks like no other. she felt a wetness start between her legs and opened her eyes wider and looked into the reflections. In her eyes was something she couldn't define. An almost dream like expression but her eyes, they blazed with a fire she'd never seen in them before and the strange feeling started moving within her..heating her. Like the fire in her eyes the warth spread, through her lower body moving downward and up simultaneously. His lips moved to her cheek then her ear and onto her neck then she felt teeth. His teeth, grazing her skin. her perfectly unmarred skin was about to be marked by his mouth. His lust. and she wanted it to be. shivering but not from the cold and not necessarily from fear she felt Him bite then suck at her neck marking her as His and she bent to give Him ease. Her nipples had swelled and harden into tight bud that now were aching. When his fingers lightly trailed across fire arced across her breast and it felt good. so good. She mewed in protest, wanting more. His fingers again trailed across them as if He read her mind then cupped one squeezing gently. remembering the sensation of Him suckling at her neck she wanted that same feeling on her breasts, it would feel good she instinctively knew. maybe ...between her legs would too. at the thought the area there flooded. she was soaked with her own juices. She knew of other girls that had said it felt marvelous for someone to kiss and lick there. She'd scoffed at them, called them sluts for doing such things though here she was wanting the very same. No. She couldn't be like that. She was a Prima. 'And a slut ,too' the thought blared in her mind as finger brushed against the soaked material of the leotard between her legs and she moaned. "More" she begged not knowing exactly what more she wanted, only that she wanted it. Another quick jerk and the wet leotard tore away from between her legs revealing her slick center."Yes! More! Please more!' she cried in frustration. never being with a man before left her unknowing what to do..what she wanted or how to get it, but this man. Her Patron knew. He could give her what she wanted. He could teach her that which would complete her..the feeling..this was it.. forgotten so long ago she almost didn't recognize it but she remembered when His finger touch her wetness. Her body felt as if it caught fire and she cried out from the pleasure> Straining against the ribbons holding her inplace she moved what little she could toward his fingers to get more of that pleasure they brought. The tip of a finger slid in and it felt incredible but not enough. "please" she begged breathlessly> Deeper it slid into her then stopped at a barrier. Her hymen. the one thing that stood literally between her and womanhood. the last remaining reminder of her youth. the essence of girlishness. and it was in the way of what she wanted...opening her eyes again she looked into the reflection of his in the mirror," have to." a slight movemeent behind her and she felt something press against her small bottom the urge of nature itself rolled her hips back as far as her bonds permitted. something pushed against her slick folds then entered. stretching her. she felt being torn apart and it wasn't enough."More" she cried then felt the barrier touched again. " have have to!!!" almost screaming she begged. "Take it... please take it" tears forming she knew the feeling would be hers if He did."Take what," He hissed."what is it that you want Me to take ?" She struggled for the words and knew he would only do it after she said it. "Virginity...take my virginity away, please."she begged sealing her fate. White hot pain sped through her and a scream lodged in her throat as the barrier of her innocence gave way to his thrust and settled fully into her depth. Finally witha gasp of breath the tears that had formed streamed down her cheeks, the waves of sensation started to ebb and a low moan escaped her lips. As if that sound were the signal; He then withdrew slightly then pushed back in bring the dull ache to an end and small ripples of pleasure moved through her body from that very spot. a soft sigh urged Him on. Thrusting into her he found a rythym that threatened to shatter her sanity . Her gasps and moans were mixed with babbles of nonsense as she tried to speak of the waves of pleasure she rode within her own body. till the edge was reached. Her cries sharpenedwith her quick breaths as He rode her over the edge. Like riding a tornado through an abyss her climax possessed her giving voice to its sensation, like an angel being born. through the confusion of her senses gave way to the sound of His groan and her body responded tightening on the inside. His possessive growl echoed as He flooded her depths nudging against her womb while she marveled at herself milking his length inside her and crying out for more. finally her world spun off its axis and she purred then all went dark as she slipped into unconsciousness being held only by the delicate bonds that still held her fast. ' this was it....the feeling," she thought stirring as she was being carried down a hallway and smiled. fully awake again when she was laid down upon the floor she no longer cared where she was as the sound of water running into a tub drew her back to the here and now momentarily. a soft contented sound escaped her as the rest of her dance clothes where taken off of her then she was picked up again and lain in the warm, bubbly water of the tub. she breathed deep the jasmine scent of her bath and reveled as she was bathed gently and slow. "You are mine now, little ballerina. I'll take My pleasure from your body," He said possessively. " I am your prima sir, i am here for your pleasure alone, she said breathlessly, and kissed him whispering ,"forever." "Forever," he echoed delving into the kiss starting a shared life. The End

Bathtime for caitlin
by Alecia

for k
caitlin knelt while the sound of rushing water in the other room could be hear. it was time for her bath...whatever that meant. she cast her eyes down when her Master stepped back into the room. "strip," He simply said. Immediately she began removing her clothes; shoes, nevrous fingers fumbled then unfastened blouse buttons then the tab and zipper of her skirt. kneeling in only lingerie and stockings she continued, blushing, the latch to her bra unhooked, stockings carefully rolled down then off then finally her panties slipped off. feeling the thick carpet under her bare knees she kept her eyes fixed on the floor, awaiting her next instruction."come," was all He said. caitlin rose and followed quickly, stepping onto the cool tiles she looked around bewildered with the magnificently appointed bathroom then to her Master , scowling by the large bathtub. rushing over quickly she knelt on the plush mat in front of the filling tub. "Master.." she asked timidly." what is it, caitlin?" " its so beautiful, Master, and so could get lost in here alone Master." " better to concern yourself with..other matters little one," He replied. "yes Master," she replied but had no idea of which matters He meant. the water taps were turned off and she breathed in deeply the steamy lavender scented air. "get in," He stated," its time for your bath." Carefully she clambered into the tub, gasping at the heat of the water, then settling in slowly. such heat could rob one of strength if in for too long. caitlin relaxed in the water whilst her Master gathered the final items needed for her bath, caitlin thought she heard the sound of things being set in water in the sink, but couldn't see. "sit up caitlin." caitlin sat up and saw her Master squirting a gel onto a washcolth that was then lathered and rubbed slowly across her shoulders. the lather felt velvety smooth and smelled of lavender the same as the bubbles clinging to her from when she sat up. caitlin simply closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of the washcloth and scent of the lather, and her Master's cologne, a rich musk. the cloth slid lower down her back making caitlin lean foward and move onto her knees, still lower and she bent foward as the cloth was massaged across her small bottom. pressure underneath signaled caitlin to straighten and turn to face Him which gave acces to her neck then shoulders then her breasts were lathered. caitlin reveled in the swirl of sensations racing through her body as the cloth was slowly dragged down her tight belly then across her hips. "stand up," He ordered in a whisper. with a slight sway steadied with a hand on the wall she stood, promptly the cloth was moved down the front of her thighs then calves snagging the stubble there. heat of embarrassment stained her cheeks even though He had ordered her not to shave two days ago. "turn," he said and caitlin turned, grateful that He made no comment of the stubble or her embarrasment. a light tap to the insides of her knee signaled to stand with her legs apart. slowly He lathered her butt again and continued lower down the backs of her legs and back up the insides til He reached the juncture of legs and hips. caitlin stifled a gasp but failed to calm her body from stffening whe He pressed the cloth against her center and held it there for a moment til she whimpered. the cloth softly carresssed her sex as her Master rubbed back and forth then was taken away. she heard the sound a gel being squirted then felt her legs being lathered with shaving gel. with sure confident strokes the razor moved down caitlin's legs remvoing the stubble. "turn", caitlin turned. "sit," He said flatly. caitlin sat then watched in awe as the lather was smeared over her whole pubic area and again the sure confident strokes shaved the hair away til only a small heart-shaped patch remained. "back into the water," He said quietly. caitlin sat down and was rinsed of the suds covering her."lay back." he said, caitlin layed back over His arm, her hair soaking in the water as He slowly , firmly worked shampoo into her hair. strong fingers massaged her scalp much like stroking a cat making caitlin sigh with content before He rinsed her. conditioner followed, worked through thoroughly removing any and all tangles then was rinsed out as well. "sit," He ordered as He rose and crossed over to the counter. confused caitlin sat, the her mouth fell open as she saw Him take a bottle from the sink and attach a wand to it. she now realized that went her Master said "clean" He truly did mean clean, inside as well as outside. "lay back." caitlin lay back draped over his arm again and parted her legs when He nudged her knees. she closed her eyes and turned her head as the nozzle neared her intimate opening. her breath hitched as the tip pressed against then slipped into her and stop when deep inside. "i'll be new," she whispered to herself then moaned softly as He squeezed the soft bottle flooding her sex with the solution. caitlin arched her back as the solution squirted into her twice more flushing her insides, whimpering as the wand slowly pulled out of her and she was lifted up to a sitting position. He rose again and stepped over to the sink, dropping the used douche into a wastebasket. "turn over, elbows and knees, My dear." He said. caitlin did as she was told, again confused. she waited only a few moments then her eyes flared wide in shock when something plastic and tube-like probed at the tight puckered ring of her bottom. she mewed as the slender rod entered her rectum and was held firmly in place. before she could ask any question warm liquid rushed into her. making her belly feel full in a whole new way. "Master..," caitlin pouted, "please Master." "shhhh," he calmed her, " hold on to it and stand up," gently rubbing her back as He pulled the nozzle from her. " it feels...funny, Master," caitlin whimpered," please Master, i'm full, please, can i let it go, Master?" " not yet. out of the tub." caitlin stepped out and was quickly blotted dry with a soft fuzzy towel . Her Master guided her to the toilet and sat her on it. " say it, caitlin." He prompted. "clean now. and promise never, ever get dirty again," she recited. " let it go...gently, sweetly." He instructed. "thank You Master." caitlin slowly relaxed, and the solution leaked slowly from her bowels, emptying. " all done Master...empty now...thank You Master," she said meekly. " good...lean over," He said. caitlin leaned forward and He wiped her clean with the washcloth and tossed it aside and dried her with the towel and tossed it aside as well. " come," He commanded. caitlin stood and followed Him to a vanity table and knelt on the stool He pointed at. lotion was smoothed up her hegs, across her senstive bottom then her hips. powder patted all over her was followed by spritzing of a girlishly scented perfume. a hair dryer and brush made quick work of her wet hair that was then pulled back and tied into a ponytail with a white ribbon.His skill carried into cosmetics as well she discovered as His skilled hand applied her make-up and polished her nails a soft pink. "sit" he said the reached over and pulled back a pair of ruffled white lace panties and slipped them up her legs gently snapping into place on her hips. another long grasp brought back a short white and very frilly dress that was then brought down over her head and settled on her shoulders and hips then buttoned, and the sash tied. from a drawer a pair of lace trimmed anklet socks were pulled gently onto her feet followed by a pair of shiny white mary-jane shoes from under the vanity were buckled on. taking His hand she stood and turned to look into the full-length mirror. the woman had been left behind to be replaced by a girl dressed in sunday finest. " look darling," He said softly with approval. smiling," thank you Master. can I go outside?" she said brightly. "for a little while," He replied with a smile. giggling she ran outside, the attractive woman, no more. all that had remained was the adorable girl now skipping rope on the patio, chanting in a sing song voice about a doll with big buttons for eyes. the End