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Super Smash Brothers Melee:

This will be the breakdown of how it will be ran this upcoming tournament. I will first right out everything then explain it. I marked everything by a number
so when you look at bottom for explanations you will know.

1. Entry Fee: 8$ (Extreme Pass 13$)
2. Stages Banned: All Moving Stages, Game & Watch Stage and Yoshi's 64
3. Items: Are Turned Off
4. Stock: 3
a) Best 2 out of 3 Matches
b) Slob Stages
c) Double Elimination
d) Time Limit 6 minutes
5. Placement
6. Prize


1. A Regular Entry Fee for the tournament is 8 dollars CASH. We only accepting CASH and no credit is payable for tournament.
An extreme pass is 13$ and it allows you to play other games during the time of the tournament so if you are eliminated
You can play other games while the tournament still goes on. This will only last till tournament is over.

2. Some stages are banned because they are just nearly no fighting stages and really easy stages to get back on.
All moving stages are simple boring and you really just have to watch yourself and you don't have any time to really combo.
Mr. Game & Watch's stage is banned because of its small level and easy to KO. Also Yoshi's 64 Stage is banned because it’s easy to come
back on the stage and you can just camp the clouds.

3. Items are turned off we want to see your skill not just items flying everywhere and seeing people die from a bomb coming from a capsules.

4. The Stock Limit is 3. If you suicide that’s your problem don't blame your loss on it. That was your skill.
a) This will be played 2 out of 3 rounds. That means the first person to win 2 rounds is the winner.
b) Slob stages works like this. The first match plays is a selected Random stage. The lose of the first match gets to choose his/her
stage since him/her has lost. If the other person loses then that person selects the last stage. **Note no banned stages are not selectable.
c) This will be a double elimination tournament. So you would have to lose twice to get eliminated that means you lose in the winner’s bracket and the loser’s bracket.
d) The time limit will be set to 6 minutes we don't want longer matches.

5. Placements for the two top players will be placed on opposite sides of the bracket. So we don't have them going right away.
Everyone else will be seeded random so if you get one of the top players it was seeded random.

6. Prize will be determined by the number of people showing up. This will be cash to the first place winner second place might get cash or a prize from a box.