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 今年から新しい種目が2つ増えました。 1つめは、ミニ耐寒競歩です。(天林では、11月に耐寒競歩という、男子47キロ、女子21キロを走ります)1人内周1周を走る少しきつい種目です。(1周約700メートル)どのリレーも、予選で上位に残らないと決勝に出られないので、みんなとても真剣です。  2つめは、借りものリレーです。水と小麦粉の入ったボールの中から手を使わずに紙を探し出し、書いてあったものを借りてきて次の人にバトンを渡します。みんな顔が汚れても、楽しそうにやっていました。借りるものは、野球のユニホームや、郷土芸能部の太鼓など、部活動のものなどもありました。

An athletic meet –it features many different kinds of races.

Some of the teachers raced in a relay with a selection of students representing the 4 majors of the school. Of course anchormen are teachers. I think the teachers participating in the races makes a peasant change, and it is a precious time for us students. The department of information management face can be soon.

The new events were added year. 1st there will be a taikankyouoh in November. It is a mini-cold-resistance competitive-walking relay the 1st. Boys will run 47km and girls 21km. For the sports day we run a mini-marathon, each person had to complete 1 lap of the small, inner-track (about 700m) all the races are a knock -out competition where the winner advances to the next round, and races against the other winners. Either, unless all relay also remains in a higher rank, it is as earnest as everybody.

The second is a “borrowing” relay where various items are borrowed around school. People discover what will be “borrowed” by fetching a piece of paper from a bowl filled with flour and water, without using. Their hands! Mouths only! This borrowed item is now the relay baton. Even it our faces become dirty, it was happily worth doing. The items we borrowed were a baseball uniform, a tennis racket and a drum. Each pupil in the “borrowing” race had to borrow a teacher’s pair of glasses to wear, and they were covered with muck by the end.

As other features, it is interclass group performance, and there are high school student gymnastics with an entrance march. It practices in time of gymnastics etc and gymnastics are considered as the highest in acting before the audience.



A culture festival is performed in winter. It was carried out on 31st October and 1st November this year. There was a sale of flowers, chairs, desks, etc. There was also a log cutting competition. The log cutting competition is one of the most exciting and the person who cuts the log first is the winner. A song is sung or danced and the stage prepared in the courtyard to find the “star” of Tenrin. In our gymnasium there is a stage performance by the volunteer band and a class exhibition is located in line with the courtyard.

In our school, in order to value the environment, the deposit system and the “ECO-art” contest are performed. When you have finished with your rubbish, retuning it to the shop gets you a refund. This is the deposit system. The importance of paper can be learnt by recycling. For the “eco-art” contest, each class completes a work of art of recycled rubbish. The planter was made and the flower was decorated this year.

In the culture festival of Tenrin, I think that the importance of a forest and the environment, and the wonderfulness of wood can be felt.