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TROOP 204 Cottondale Al.



Welcome to Troop 204
Black Warrior Council
Cottondale Al.

Hello and Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 204. We are located in Cottondale, Al.. Feel free to look at our pages and see us having fun as we learn. If you would like to join a Troop, contact the Black Warrior Council about a Troop near you. Who Knows, maybe it will be our Troop! Below are some Photo's of our Troop. Summer Camp 2001 and Spring Camporee, plus our 50 Mile Canoe Trip, hope you will enjoy them.


Spring Camporee 2001

Hard work and team effort...what Scouting is all about..and FUN!

Did someone recheck the lashing and knots?

Scouting, Generations of Teaching, Handed Down From Scout to Scout. This Looks like the Weather Rock. Can you Predict the Weather with a rock ?

Summer Camp 2001

Who said summer camp was over. Time fly's when your having fun.

This is Scouting at it's Best!!
Time for a Little R&R
Camping Outdoors

The Scout Oath

Troop 204 Contacts

ScoutMaster...Richard Byrne
Asst. ScoutMaster......


~Friends Forever~

"As we go on,
We remember,
All the Times We had Together,
As Our Lives Change,
Come Whatever,
We Will Still Be, friends forever"
Please, if you have any Photos you would like to see posted or if you have any ideas "Please Contact Me


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