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Distinctive Weddings

by Thompson Photography Studio

Wedding Consultants

...It's Only Part of the Story

Great photography is only part of the story. We believe in friendly, personal service that begins with your first visit, and follows you through your wedding until your photos are presented. Along the way, we'll work with you to create stunning images that communicate the warmth, emotion and excitement of your wedding day, and preserve those memories for a lifetime. You'll be surprised at how affordable truly comprehensive coverage can be!

Precious Moments...

Capturing the sacred moments of your ceremony takes a sensitivity that can only be achieved through experience. At Thompson Photography, we've been about the business of preserving these moments for over fifteen years - and that means we know weddings, and know what it takes to produce images that let you live the magic all over again.

...Sharing the Fun!

The revelry and sheer exhilaration of your wedding day is often lost amid the details. We'll help you find it, and take it home for keeps with fun poses that show the world how being in love makes you feel!

It's really happening!

Sometimes it's hard to believe your day has actually arrived. Then after months of preparation, your wedding day is finally here! You feel great - you look wonderful... and thanks to quality photography, that special moment will never fade away.
Preserving the elegance

Formals by Thompson Photography preserve the elegance and style of your wedding for generations to come... but you won't have to wait that long to enjoy them! Reprints and enlargments make excellent gifts for your family and friends.
Here's to both of you...

Let the celebration begin! As your closest friends and family gather to share the joy of the day, we'll be there to make sure the special moments don't slip away. From the antics to the accolades and everything in between, coverage of your wedding tells a story that you'll relive and share again and again.
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