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511th Group Nomination Form

This form provides a mechanism for you to submit the names of any individuals, which you would like to nominate to fill a vacant office within the association.

If you wish to nominate anyone, just place their name in the appropriate box and submit this form back to me. If you do not wish to nominate anyone, simply do nothing.

The names of those nominated will be placed before the general membership for voting at the next reunion.

The following names have already been nominated to fill vacant offices:

  1. Vice President: Ron Weidner
  2. 2nd Vice President: Eddie (Gene) Walker
  3. Treasurer: Dick Waldron (Encumbent)
  4. Secretary: Don Simmons (Encumbent)
  5. Membership Chairman: Roger Wolf (Encumbent)

It will be this committee's recommendation that, without objection, all encumbents remain in those offices and assume that the general membership will confirm that recommendation by acclamation.

Bookmark this page incase you wish to return later.


Gene Walker        Ron Weidner        Jim Cutshaw
Chairman             Member                 Member

  • Please provide the following contact information:
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    Your last name
    Your e-mail

  • Insert your nomination into the appropriate box:

    Vice President:

    2nd Vice President (New Office):



    Membership Chairman: