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  • QUOTE of the Week
    Don't go Mistaking Paradise for that home across the road- Bob Dylan

  • 2.4.03-Re-Launch of
    By Lars: Chief Web Whipper

    This Warehouse Frightens me....

    Welcome to the Official website for everything and anything PIT worthy. For those that may be virgins to the hooligan activies...the PIT is the nickname for the Larson Brothers basement, which has taken on a life and breath of its own. It means so much more, it's now more of an idea, a concept, the name of a large group loosely connected indiviuals that have one time or another been present at the PIT in one of it's numerous incarnations (the Fire PIT, the Basement PIT, etc.)and will forever be linked due to it. So I felt neccessary to build a site where the stories, memories of PIT members can be shared.

  • 2.4.03-Requested PIT Pic
    By Lars: Chief Web Smasher

    Hey, I got an e-mail request to post a Picture from Larsfest 2001. This is probably the most famous from that rainy night that is still the record attendance at a PIT function. Cheers!


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