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Welcome Hooligans, to this month's editon of the Larscaliber. The Month of May was quite eventful, mostly due to my college hooligans finding their ways back into the area, thus releasing me from the strange Purgatory that I've found myself in since I gradauted from IUP. Not to say that I haven't found life on the outside alright, it's just there's something to be said for those familiar jackasses that I haven't seen for 9 months. Dunno...the addition of my old running buddies has definitely added a whole other level to my usual tomfoolery. Kegs, Flip Clip, and the Power of the Almighty PIT can return to the land and for me...not a day too soon.

Speaking of, in PIT news, The Summer Season offically kicked off on May 18th this year. Unforatuantly, this is the first summer in recent memory that the summer was kicked off without the traditional FIRE. Due to an unforseen Near SNOW storm in the middle of May, (I shit you was definitely cold enough for flurries), The First PIT party of the summer had to be brought indoors (Much to the dissappointment of Nichole, Turd, and Mary...who complained about it for an hour). But with a Keg of IC light, Screams of "Boat Race!", and the Warlords smiling upon us, the entire Hulla-balloo was a complete success. Rashad and I were crowned the Tag Team champions of Beer Pong with an impressive victory over my Brother Ethan and Big T. There were Keg Stands and trips back to Gus's hot tub for an after party. All and all, the ruckus was quite legendary. And if the weather holds up, June 1 is looking like the official first fire, so if you got something to burn, haul it to my house....wooooooo! If you are still interested in purchasing an official PIT T-shirt, these babies are running for 15.00 and I'm getting them in orders of ten. So if I can get another 10 of you rowdy cats to stand up and say "Yes...I'm all about the PIT", then Bingo Bango, we'll be in buiness. Drop me a line if you're interested by clicking on the "so totally KASH!" banner of my Brother below.

In work news, I'm still working at Fox Channel 8 as a Production Assisstant/Sports Reporter. Not a lot to report from that area, unless you count that I got to interview the Mastermind of the Steelers, big chined Bill at a Curve baseball game. Regular joe that guy, I was waiting for him to yell for a Iron City and a Kobassi Sandwich the whole time I was talking to him.

In Family News, My Brother Ethan Graduated from High School, making him the last of the six Larson kids to walk away from Central Cambria. Quite a cool moment in my opinion, I couldn't be prouder of the jerk. I know he's gonna totally rule on Pitt Campus next fall. Also, my Cousin Ann got married, which was sweet on Three different levels. First off, it's a member of my family taking the plunge so there was a RAWKING party to see her off. Second, My Blood Brother John Andrew was there...seeing him is a A triple plus in any of my books. And Thrid I got to meet for an extensive period the girl called Rae-Rae. Sweeter than sugar is my prognoisis of that honey, and thanks to some coaxing by yours truely I got to see her dance...which I must say made this guy smile.

In closing, I'm still very much single. I was dating this honey named Lysendy for nearly the entire month. Our sorta dating relationship was cemented in Gus's hot tub, and she was kinda nice so I thought I'd give her a spin (Against my gut instict). It turned out that I was right on the money...she liked me alot and I just wasn't feeling any spark. Maybe she wasn't my type, no chemistry. Maybe it had to do with the lack of Brown hair...dunno. She was really nice though, It's a shame it didn't work out. Until June....Lata on!

This Month's Info:

Current Book I'm Reading:
Personality Types: A Scientific Analyst
I am what they consider "The Host" mentality. It's True...look it up!

Best Movie I've Never Seen until this Month:
Just like the thousands of Spidey Comics I got in my Green Cabient.

Most Listened to Song of the Month:
Andrew WK "Party Hard"
Let's get a party going! When it's time to party, we will always Party Hard!!

Current Video Game:
Balder Gate 2: Expanison
Continuing the Frustrations from the Original Balder Gate 2

Poetic Words from yours truely:
"I'm very tired. It's been a while since I could just sit and rest.
Her Smile is so warm...I think I'll stay for a moment"