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Name: Andrew Michael Larson
Nicknames: Andy, Lars, Larsov, Andrew Michael, Ang, Jackass, 1# Bob Dylan fanboy, Crow
Date of Birth: April 6, 1979
Nationality: 50% Ukranian/Russian, 25% Swedish, 25% French
Family: 5th of 6 Larson kids

Hobbies: Host of the Dating Game and Comdey Club for W-IUP TV, Radio DJ for W-IUP FM, Playing guitar, Drinking, Watching Old movies, Video Games, Watching Cartoons, Chillin with some good tunes
Favorite type of Music: Classic Rock
All Time Favorite Bands: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, The Who
Favorite Current Bands: The Wallflowers, Dave Matthews Band, BareNaked Ladies, Pearl Jam, The Clarks
Favorite Movies: Duck Soup, Star Wars, Army of Darkness, The Matrix, Fight Club, The Maltese Falcon
Favorite Cartoons: Popeye, He-man, Rocky and Bullwinkle

Favorite Sports: Football, Hockey, WWF wrestling
Favorite Football team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Favorite Hockey Team: Chicago Blackhawks
Favorite Wrestling Superstar: The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels

Relationships: (2) Melanie Lucy Wellman Feb.1996-Feb.1997
Amanda Marie Adams March 1997-Feb.2000

5 Little known facts about me:
1) I come from 4 Generations of Coal miners and am very proud of my coal mining hertiage. In fact, if it was still economical, I would be a coal miner.

2) My Dad is originally from the south side of Chicago. Beautiful wonder Capone liked it so much.

3) I hate rats...Scared to death of them. I also hate Bourbon Wiskey.

4) I am an avid weight lifter and have taken professional lessons in both boxing and judo.

5) I am a History buff. In fact, some of the few hours I spend watching TV is on the History Channel. Well besides Cartoons and WWF wrestling...

By the way...This is my Dog, Jake. He's my best friend...