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racial profiling
Racial profiling and its cause and effects

Racial profiling leaves a generational effect of guilt and an increase of hate crimes in America. The cause of racial profiling has been argued since it first started to gain attention by the media in the early 60ís. Racial profiling has two main causes. Mis-educated people and people who sterotype others. First mis-educated people are people who have not received the basic fundamentals of a sound education. Mis-educated people are sometimes exempt from rendering logical answers or decisions because of their mis-educated status. These people are more prone to be put in jail and commit more violent crimes. For example, many Klu Klux Klansmen were mis-guided and therefore did cruel things to minorties, things that educated people wouldnít do. The second cause of racial profiling is sterotypes. Sterotypes are usually a statement or a claim that is made against ethnic groups, social types, and civic organizations, sterotyping is also known as a logical fallacy. For example, in America one in every ten African Americans in the United States will fall victim to racial profiling at least six times in his or her life time. The offenders are not educated enough, and cannot render a logical reason for "why" they do ceartin things. In most cases mis-education and sterotypes go hand in hand with each other. Sterotypes are in many circumstances created by people who are uneducated. Whatever its causes racial profiling leaves damaging effects on the victims and also the offenders. When we carefully look at the effects of racial profiling we find that many of the victims are either inprisoned wrongfully, many people are left with psychological issues, and some people even suffer from the inability to socialize. Psychological is defined as a personís mental makeup, including the emotional part of that person. When people are victimized by the horrendous crime they usually suffer from depression and a lost identity. Many people who are victims of racial profiling will become depressed with society and the judical system in America. Some people feel that their undeniable rights which was given to them in the United States Constitution were infringed on. These people are usually depressed because they felt like the system let them down. For example, I was depressed because I was told I couldnít participate in the Youth In Government program at the Y.M.C.A. because of some uneducated reason that was associated with racisim. I was sad and felt depressed because I worked hard the whole year to be told that I couldnít go on the trip I had so desired to go on. Racial profiling also leaves the person vitimized, looking for who they really are. The News Week magazine reporter Bill Izenhower said that "people who are victims of hate crimes try to find the Ďwhyí in the situation like the Africans try to find a solution in dogma an African ritual that justify why particular things happen." In essence victims are left trying to figure out themselves. They want to find out how they could have changed the situation that caused them to be victims of racial violence. Generally there is nothing that the victim could have done to change why they fell victim to the hate crime. When people try to search for answers that arenít there, they sink in a larger hole of depression. Moreover many people fail the socialize in any activities because they know that they will become an easy prey for racial prejuduce. Insercurity sets in to play and that person or group of people feel insercure about going different places, possibly risking their lives. For example, I come from a racially divided city . Most of the times many minorities are scared to go certian places because they will be a possible target of a hate crime. Insecurity is defined as a people not being confident with what they are doing, and having fear build up inside them hendering them from doing things that normal people might be able to handle. Many people arenít able to socialize because of their fear. These people ma be wrongfuly inprisoned. In America there are thousands of people who are wrongfully inprisoned for a crime which they didnít do. People in may cases werenít given fair trile. For example, Assatta Surker was a Black Panther. She was accused of the murder of a New Jersey Statetooper. She was put in prison for no reason then she was later found her innocent. While in prison they beat her down while she waited her trail out . She was a victim of not only racial profiling but cruel and unusual treatment. The judge gave her an enormous bail amount and other related things which violated her Constitutional right. As a result of the inprisonment of Black Panther Assatta Sukur, there was an increase of hate crimes. Hate crimes are one crimes resulting from a bias ethnic group to the other, usually resuling in a violent crime. For example, a black man beating up a white man because he is white would be considered a hate crime. Hate crimes has declined in the last decade, or maybe the people in Alabama are being fooled. The reason Alabama has zero reported crimes is because decective fail to report these crimes the the federal bureau.. Hate crimes are sometimes some of the most violent crimes committed not only in the state of Alabama but around this nation. When detectives look into their cases more they find that the offender has suffered from either a mental illness, has drop out of scholl, or has a family history of depression. Offenders often them feel guilty or sometimes even lose trust in themselves. When most people do anything that is not of "God" we tend to feel bad so we repent. Guilt is defined as the acknowledgement of a bad, deed being done. In this case sometimes guilt will eat some of the offenders up so much that they will change their lives around. Also these offenders lose trust in themselves and others that are close around them. They feel depressed, insercure and sometimes even more violent. To end racial profiling has many different ways in could be interpeted. Trying to make a law to help stop some of the offenders is hard. Many lawmakers have a hard time with defining what a hate crime is. As a result the crimes go on and victims are either hurt or killed and offenders get charged for a lesser offense.