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Welcome to Melba's Southern Family of John Kever

Jacob Kever
Son of ? Kever

Jacob Kever is an Ancestor of my grand daughter, Savanna May

Jacob Kever, was born 09 June, 1792 in Pennsylvania and died 17 August, 1880 in Wolf Bayou, AR.

Jacob may have been an orphan at age twelve years or about that age. He learned the trade of blacksmith probably from being bound out to learn the trade.

Jacob is shown on the 1820 census in Iredell County, North Carolina but not listed on the 1810. It apprears he arrived after 1810 and before 1820.

He married Mary Anne Correll, born January 1795 in Rowan County, NC., and died 16 August, 1859 in Statesville, NC. She was the daughter of John and Mary Correll.

From a deed dated 1817 from John Correll to his son in law Jacob Kever, it is known that Jacob lived at the head of Third Creek >

Children of Jacob Kever and Mary Correll are:

1. Rachel Ellena Kever, born August 16, 1814 in North Carolina; married John Lackey.

2. John Calvin Kever, born March 09, 1818 in North Carolina; married Nancy McDonald.

3. Mary Emmaline Kever, born September 04, 1823 in North Carolina; married J. Clinton Prichard.

4. Jacob Artimus Kever, born October 21, 1828 in North Carolina; died October 26, 1918 in Cleburne County, AR., married Mary Louise McDonald in North Carolina.

5. Susan Catherine Kever, born March 05, 1826 in North Carolina; married Thomas Payne.

6. Margaret Adeline Kever, born March 05, 1826 in North Carolina; married Lorenzo Dow Warren 1845-1848 in North Carolina.

7. Martha Miranda Kever, born September 23, 1831 in Hiddnite, N.C.; died October 16, 1901 in North Carolina; married George Washington Martin Abt. 1847 in North Carolina.

8. Joseph Davidson Kever, born July 17, 1833 in North Carolina.

9. Daniel Nelson Kever, born January 22, 1835 in North Carolina.

10 Exemina Kever, born July 23, 1836 in North Carolina; married Frank Sharpe. After the death of her husband, Frank Sharpe, she moved with her children to Wolf Bayou, Arkansas. Her widowed father, Jacob Kever, was living with his son Jacob Artimus who had moved there in 1870. Exie's daughter Amanville, had married John Barker and had land in Section 19 at Wolf Bayou. Exie took a patent on land joining them in 1890.

Children of Frank Sharpe and Exemina Kever are: