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Wish list

What we need:

Foster homes for adoptable animals, these are greatly needed in all animal adoption programs, keep this in mind if you are not in the NorthWest Alabama area.

Currently I do not have an area to house dogs, so the supplies to build a kennel area would be wonderful. Anything at all would help, if you would donate a single nail or stick or wood, every little bit helps.

Any animal food, for any type of animal

Animal supplies, leashes, collars, brushes, cages, carriers, etc, etc. Used or new.

Any veterinarian supplies, nothing that can only be used by licensed veterinarians. Bandages, shampoos, clippers, washes, etc.

A long list of people/families wishing to adopt many different kinds of animals...this would make placing any animal rescued so easy...

People willing to help make NWAAA grow

The love and support of the NW Alabama community