Unitarian Universalist Montgomery Teens

Hello there, and welcome to the first Unitarian Universalist Montgomery Teen's webpage. Eventually we may have a picture gallery, some of our activities that we've done, social action stuff, and a calendar of events. Also we'll have links to other organizations and things like that. So, have fun, relax, book mark our page, and maybe when my full time career as a student lets me take a break, I'll work on this page some more... Oh yeah, the teen group also has to do something first...forgot about that one.

Note to the Congregation: Due to the fact that Amy Campbell, the previous webmaster, has moved and none of the teens have neither offered nor notified me of their new choice of webmaster, please contact me inorder to have the website handed over to someone who is willing to take care and maintain the site. I have no clue what is currently going on at the Montgomery Fellowship, therefore it is pertinent that someone who DOES take over this website so that the teens have an outlet for their expression as well as a way to tell everyone what is going on.

Thank you for your time,

Amy Campbell

Contact me at Pinkmonkeyuu@hotmail.com

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List of REligious Education Youth and Adults Churches We Plan to Visit...Eventually
Ooooh, Pretty Pictures

Signed: Amy Campbell (UU Teen Webmistress ;-)

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