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Dans Upward Basketball Team

Dans Upward Team

Welcome to Mt. Vernon Upward Basketball in Curry Al. We have two Great Teams in our starting line up. The Cougars and the Eagles.

You can feel the Excitement in the air as these two teams get ready to Rumble. Yes and what a line up we have tonight and look at the Crowd, Looks like it's a full house tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen the Gym is Packed tonight and the Cheerleaders are doing a great job at pumping them up.

They keep this up they're going to take the roof off this place tonight. Looks like we're ready for the Main Event...

Lets Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

and for the Cougars
we have
no# 21 Austin

and playing for the Eagles
we have
no# 3 Trevor

And Leading us in our cheers today
Head Cheerleader
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