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Invasion of the Warrior Lords

I want to be with you until I'm dead,
but the Warrior-Lords want to rush it.
Which should be a long time anyways
because they are slow,
we fuse, they can't see us now,
we are dumb like sacks of rocks.
We become almost one person.
Here's a toast to you, on this wet front porch, Miss Jane.
My sweet treasures, my memory of the day
I made your acqauaintance.
We meld, we have the same dark mission.
All my love on this summery autumn
dear dark Miss Jane.
When they cart you off to be beheaded,
I will be there to save you.
We cover each other's backs, we stand together,
I love you.
My sweet treasures,
the Warrior-Lords had come for them,
and were falling one by one.
I sit here in the tower with a dark lady,
two crossbows and plenty of arrows.
I keep looking out the window,
while she writes it all down.
Watching for the Warrior-Lords,
as our realm of sky poets disintegrates.
I watch it crumble from five floors up.
Dark lady looks up, says,
"Don't worry baby,
I'm gonna throw boiling oil on them..."
As down below they demand our heads on platters.
I watch with regret the deaths of three sky poets,
to the blades of the Warrior-Lords.
Will Dockery 11/03/97