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Total Heart Singles Ministry

Welcome to the Homepage of Total Heart Singles Ministry, an outreach of The Union Chapel Church of God in Union Chapel, Alabama. Total Heart Singles Ministry was born as a result of the ongoing revival at Union Chapel Church of God. Our sole purpose is to minister to the unique needs of contemporary single adults, age 19 and up, through the love and nurturing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Ministry events will include, but not be limited to, singles study groups, prayer meetings, periodical singles services, and regular social functions. If you are looking for exciting place to grow in the Lord we invite you to visit and become a part of our activities. For more imformation on Total Heart Singles contact Union Chapel Church of God at 205-483-0900; William Cummings at 205-648-1696; E-mail at the adress below; or snail mail at P.O. Box 927 Sumiton, AL 35148.

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