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Talking Boards Gallery

Below are three of the boards I have completed to date. I can also custom-make boards--for instance if you have images you would prefer to these, or if you want to change the color of the lettering, I can adjust things to your taste.

All boards arrive unused. Each board is numbered and dated. For ordering and pricing information go to the price list or e-mail me.

The Classic Board

Inspired by William Fuld's design--sun and moon design with black lettering. The pentacle in the center symbolizes the four elements (water, fire, earth, air) and the spirit and is often used as a symbol of protection. The board measures 12X18 (standard size). With this board, the natural beauty of the oak comes through the clear varnish on the board.

City of the Dead Board

I love New Orleans and have tried to capture a bit of the flavor of the city in this board. The wood is painted black and features cemetary art as well as pictures of St. Louis Cathedral. This board is first painted black, then the images and lettering is overlaid. Images are decoupaged on, letter are hand-painted. A clear polyurethane is applied to the finished board. Standard size.

City of the Dead Board

This board is also painted black to set off the red lettering and the images. As with the other boards, the images are decoupaged with hand-painted lettering. This board is larger than the first two and is more unique in terms of shape. One of these was recently auctioned on Ebay (auction end date 9/17).