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The Mean Kitty Song

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Why there is NO looting in Texas
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Why there is NO looting in Texas. Click for larger view

The remote that women want.
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The remote that women want. Click for larger view

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How to recognize Mad Cow Disease

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Comedy Week

Comedy Week issues are posted once a week.
Please visit and click on the new issue.

Comedy Week Issue 783
Meet Quigley!... Dog jokes...

Comedy Week Issue 782
You know you're a redneck when... Missing Wife Found...

Comedy Week Issue 781
Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Comedy Week Issue 780
Hot Chocolate and Wine... The Hat... Field Sobriety Test...

Comedy Week Issue 779
Smoking jokes...

Comedy Week Issue 778
Englishman vs. Frenchman... The Bank Manager...
School House Rock - The Constitution...

Comedy Week Issue 777
Happy Valentine's Day...

Comedy Week Issue 776
You Know You're Too Stressed If... 5 Rules to Remember in Life... Doctor Who Quotes...

Comedy Week Issue 775
Cold jokes, snow, more cold...

Comedy Week Issue 774
Train jokes, all aboard...

Comedy Week Issue 773
Happy New Year, and drunk jokes...

Comedy Week Issue 772
Merry Christmas...

Comedy Week Issue 771
Get Loki... Random Thoughts... Signs You've Grown Up...

Comedy Week Issue 770
Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who!...

Comedy Week Issue 769
Toe tapping music, and Church Jokes...

Comedy Week Issue 768
Happy Thanksgiving...

Comedy Week Issue 767
Funny Telemarketer Stuff...

Comedy Week Issue 766
Duck jokes to quack you up...

Comedy Week Issue 765
Fifty fun things for professors to do on the first day of class!... A Bad History Teacher... You don't want to hear in a tattoo parlor...

Comedy Week Issue 764
Happy Halloween...

Comedy Week Issue 763
A request to reset your password... Senior Texting... Bob was sitting on the plane... You Gotta Love Texas...

Comedy Week Issue 762
The Top Signs You're Out of Shape... Darth Vader... Vacation Complaints... Signs...

Comedy Week Issue 761
Great truths about life that adults have learned... Heaven or Hell?... A little guy gets on a plane...

Comedy Week Issue 760
Bizarre September Holidays... Real Gangsters... Kid jokes...

Comedy Week Issue 759
Why farm trucks are not stolen... More pickup and farmer jokes...

Comedy Week Issue 758
The Shredder... Blond Jokes... Lexiphiles...

Comedy Week Issue 757
I have questions... Old Jokes... The Fishing Trip...

You can see any issues you missed online!

Read all your favorite comics from the newspaper every day. If you miss one,
catch it in the archives.

2 Cows and a Chicken, 9 Chickweed Lane, Adam at Home, Alley Oop, Andy Capp, Argyle Sweater, Arlo and Janis, B.C., Baldo, Ballard Street, Basic Instructions, Betty, Big Nate, Big Picture, The, Big Top, Birdbrains, Bob the Squirrel, Boondocks, Born Loser, Brevity, Brewster Rockit, Buckets, The, Candorville, Cathy, Classic Bloom County, Cleats, Close to Home, Committed, Cornered, Cow and Boy, CowTown, Cul-de-Sac, Dark Side of the Horse, Dilbert, Dinette Set, The, Doonesbury, Doozies, The, Drabble, Dude and Dude, Duplex, The, Elderberries, The, F Minus , Family Tree, Farcus, Fat Cats Classics, Ferd'nand, Flying McCoys, The, For Better or For Worse, FoxTrot, FoxTrot Classics, Frank and Ernest, Frazz, Fred Basset, Freshly Squeezed, Fusco Brothers, The, Garfield, Geech Classics, Get Fuzzy, Graffiti, Grand Avenue, Grizzwells, The, Heart of the City, Heathcliff, Herman, Imagine This, In the Bleachers, In The Sticks, Ink Pen, Jane's World, Jump Start, Kit 'n' Carlyle, Knight Life, The, La Cucaracha, Li'l Abner Classics, Lio, Lola, Luann, Lucky Cow, Marmaduke , Meg! Classics, Minimum Security, Moderately Confused, Momma, Monty, Motley Classics, Mythtickle, Nancy, New Adventures of Queen Victoria, Non Sequitur, Off the Mark, One Big Happy, Over the Hedge, Overboard, PC and Pixel, Peanuts, Pearls Before Swine, Pooch Cafe, PreTeena, Prickly City, Rabbits Against Magic, Real Life Adventures, Reality Check, Red & Rover, Rip Haywire, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Rose is Rose, Rubes, Rudy Park, Shirley & Sons Classics, Shoe, Skin Horse, Slowpoke, Soup to Nutz, Speed Bump, Stone Soup, Strange Brew, Sunshine Club, The, Tank McNamara, That a baby, That's Life, Tiny Sepuku, Toby, Tom the Dancing Bug, Too Much Coffee Man, Unstrange Phenomena, W.T. Duck, Wizard Of Id, Working Daze, Ziggy

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