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So You Want to Start Your own Pod?

Several of you have inquired about starting your own Pod. If you want to start your own Pod, first you need to let people know you are out there. Creating a Web site for your proto-Pod would allow us to link you into our own Site and would help people find you. You should also consider listing your proto-Pod on the Witches of the World site at: and on Adult Friend Finder at: as a "group." Once people in your area start contacting you, you should start having meetings on the New and Full Moons. The precedents you set at the very first meeting will be very important. Turn your thermostat up to 80 degrees and be skyclad (nude) from the very first meeting. Be sure to have lots of wine or your other favorite sacraments on hand for those who choose to partake. Perform a brief, skyclad, ritual to celebrate the New Moon. Have people bring potluck snacks to share after the ritual. An hour after the ritual has ended; you and your partner/s should instigate an orgy with those who are willing to participate. But participation MUST be optional. For now, use a standard Neo-Pagan/Wiccan format for your rituals. As we publish our own distinctive system on this site, incorporate it into your own practices. Keep in touch and tell us of your progress. We'd like to know how well our system works for your Pod. But keep in mind that Any time I spend corresponding with you, is time that I don't spend publishing our Magick on this site. Quarterly reports will be just fine.


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