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~*Save the Faerie's Campaign!*~

Where once there roamed the earth thousands of these little creatures of the Fae, now there are but a handful left. Faeries, who once were helpmates to Man, have been driven to near extinction by the very humans they were sworn to love and protect! Virtually homeless, these poor, weakened creatures have become defenseless against this onslaught and are rapidly fading from existance, soon to be lost to us forever. When the forestland was plentiful, the Faeries had a joyous and fruitful life. Now, with the ever-increasing world population of man, there is very little forestland left that is suitable for Faerie existance. This, couple with the disbelief of millions of Humans, has caused the near extinction of our wee Fae Friends.


Join us in our Campaign to SAVE THE FAERIES. It is a very simple effort on your part, and would mean so much to them. All YOU have to do is to BELIEVE!
That's IT!


Share your belief with others. Put the "I BELIEVE" button on your web page; send it to others; when you are in the Chatrooms, say the words "I Believe"; wake up each morning and whisper the words to yourself.....

They will hear you!