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Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Henry Whitehurst

Theodore Henry Whitehursticongrvine

  • Theodore Henry Whitehurst's Genealogy Page, Son of Marion and Emma BARNES Whitehurst ... Genealogy and Ancestors of the Reuben Whitehurst family of Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama to include Marion, Brady, and John Lee Whitehurst. A pioneer family of ...
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Brother Theodore Henry Whitehurst was the son of Marion and Emma Whitehurst. He was born in Barbour County, Elamville, Alabama, on September 25th, 1907.

At an early age, he confessed his faith in Christ by joining the Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ. He was a faithful and dedicated member and officer.

In 1928, Theodore was united in Holy Matrimony to Bessie Mae CALDWELL. To this union eight children were born.

He was a member of the New Zion lodge #457. He also served as a foster grandparent in the Coffee County for many years.

On September 18th, 1990, he passed at the Humana Hospital in Enterpirse, Alabama.






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