Bessie Mae CALDWELL Whitehurst



Theodore Whitehurst--Strong and Gentle

            A day does not pass
            That I fail to recall
            That you are indeed
            The best Dad of all

            And I thank God
            For allowing you to be
            The special kind of Dad
            You have been to me.

            Every day I see people
            Who wish they had
            A man in their life
            Just like you, Dad.

The Children of Theodore Whitehurst
Copyright 1988 Allie Whitehurst

Theodore and Children
Dorothy, Allie Jean, Mary, Billy, Theodore Henry Whitehurst, MacArthur, Cleaster, Sarah and Maurine


  • Theodore Henry Whitehurst's Photographs ... Genealogy and Ancestors of the Reuben Whitehurst ...
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Created by Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
April 20th, 2002
for my friends, The WHITEHURST Family
1999 WHITEHURST Family President, Johnny B. Whitehurst