Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F. Whitehurst (Cornelia MILLER Whitehurst)

Benjamin Franklin Whitehurst
(L) Guam 1948
(R) Bridge to Oshima Beach, Japan 1948

Benjamin F. Whitehurst shaking hands with Senator Jim Allen
Washington, D.C.
Note: Mr. Benjamin said "Sen. Allen was the poorest man in Washington....poorer after he got there than before he came...said he was an honest man and would not take kickbacks and bribes."

(L) Benjamin Franklin Whitehurst
(R) Military Unit

Benjamin, Diane and Verlene Whitehurst

Cornelia MILLER Whitehurst

(Backrow L to R) Diane, Verlene, Wilford and Clare Whitehurst
(Frontrow L to R) Benjamin and Cornelia Whitehurst
holding Broderick (neighbor)

Standing: Clare and Wilford
Seated: Verlene and Diane holding Karen

Benjamin and Isaac Whitehurst (brothers)

Benjamin, Angela, Isaac and Jaquetta

Standing: Eugene, Lisa, Mary, Candace, Allie Jean Seated: Marie and Cornelia

Karen and Michael Whitehurst (cousins)

(Backrow L to R) Tony, Jaquetta, Marcus, Michael and Karen
(Frontrow L to R) Nathaniel, Jessica, Elnora, Johnathan and Angela


Created by Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
April 29th, 2002
for my friends, The WHITEHURST Family
1999 WHITEHURST Family President, Johnny B. Whitehurst