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The Whitehurst Crest

This crest was designed to symbolize the Whitehurst family values that are a common thread throughout all its' members. The crest reflects five significant values which highlight the framing of the character of the Whitehurst family.

The "WB" represents the union of Marion Whitehurst and Emma Barnes in the state of Alabama which we, the Whitehurst family, consider as our home state.

The "10 links of chain" represent the generations that joined together in family unity to carry on the heritage of Marion and Emma - Korene, Claudie, Brady, Grady, Theodore, Queen Ester, Jo Ellen, Cornelius, Buford and Ruth.

The "Bible and the Cross" represent the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That love and all of our religious teachings have been passed down from generation to generation.

The "Owl" represents the wisdom gained by our foreparents and shared with all of us. The "Books" represent knowledge our parents taught us that through education and knowledge we could achieve our goals.

The "Dove" that sits at the top of the crest represents love, peace and happiness which are values that our foreparents lived by and values that the Whitehurst family continues to acknowledge in our lives today.


  • WHITEHURST FAMILY CREST ... Genealogy and Ancestors of the Reuben Whitehurst family ...
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Created by Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
April 21st, 2002
for my friends, The WHITEHURST Family
1999 WHITEHURST Family President, Johnny B. Whitehurst