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  • BIRTHDAYS/NEWS ... Genealogy and Ancestors of the Reuben Whitehurst family of Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama to include Marion, Brady, Grady, and John Lee Whitehurst. A pioneer family of Coffee County, Alabama. ... Know Who You Are and Where You ...
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    • 1st Happy New Year!!!
    • 2nd Johnathon Whitehurst
    • 7th Naomi Redding-Abrom
    • 7th Darran Williams
    • 10th Kenneth Whitehurst
    • 13th Muriel Whitehurst-Scott
    • 13th Gloria Lynette Whitehurst-Bonds
    • 18th Alfred Bernard Whitehurst
    • 18th Akira Clark
    • 19th Shaunta Maria Sanders
    • 23rd Jacqueline Yvonne Whitehurst
    • 24thTanasia Llanell Monet Whitehurst
    • 24th Emmanuel Jones
    • 29th Harlan "Buck" Whitehurst
    • 30th Marlon Duran Williams


    • 1st Iva McBride
    • 1st Demetrius Lonzell Harris
    • 3rd Kameron A. Sanders
    • 4th Franchesa Williams
    • 6th Trai Michaels
    • 13th Adrian Simms
    • 14th Valentine's Day
    • 16th Ronald Keith Evans
    • 18th Rev. Andrew Williams
    • 21st Xavier N. Sanders
    • 22nd Amir Averhart
    • 25th Martha Tucker Whitehurst
    • 25th Veronica Ann Whitehurst-Scott
    • 25th Satori Nance Rosen
    • 28th Rashad Robinson
    • 28th JaMarvin Whitehurst
    • 28th Majesty Whitehurst


    • 1st Karen Susanna Whitehurst
    • 2nd Acquanita Whitehurst-Hersey
    • 2nd Jerrold Whitehurst
    • 2nd Michael Brooks
    • 3rd Paul Darrly Averhart
    • 3rd Andrea Brim
    • 4th Elder Robert Redding, Jr.
    • 4th Tia Clark
    • 5th Misha Dixon
    • 7thMarco Donald
    • 11th Bodhi LaLa Hawkins Rosen
    • 12th Mary Sue Hawkins
    • 17th Billy Whitehurst
    • 18th Brittany Nicole Harris
    • 21st Malenda Shelley
    • 23rd Alandria Allen
    • 25th Kendrick Dean Matthews
    • 26thLinda Taylor
    • 27th Kendrick McLean
    • 27th Reginald Sanders
    • 28th Janice Donald Williams
    • 29th MacArthur Whitehurst
    • 29th Donna Irene Hawkins
    • 29th Corey Devin Whitehurst


    • 3rd Kameron McLean
    • 4th Easter
    • 4th Tiara McLean
    • 5th Willye Mae Pinkard-Nance
    • 5th Anthony Hill
    • 6th Tavares Pierson
    • 8th Ste'phen Lee Maurice Redding
    • 9th Teara Simone Harris
    • 12th Stephen Hall II
    • 15th Daniel Simms
    • 16th DeAndrea Hill
    • 17th Jennifer Isaac
    • 17th Tela Cole
    • 19th Johnny Brim
    • 21st Kim F. Sanders
    • 22nd Micah Whitehurst
    • 23rd Dorothy Whitehurst-Richardson
    • 24th Kalethia Harris
    • 28thMichelle Whitehurst-Goosby
    • 29th Tyesha Austell
    • 29th Najalyn Cole
    • 30th Rev. Samuel Williams

  • MAY

    • 3rd Marcus Donell Whitehurst
    • 3rd Braylen Truett
    • 4th Radiance Harvey
    • 5th Dominique Denise Whitehurst
    • 8th Mother's Day
    • 11th Helen Whitehurst-Dickerson
    • 12th Dr. Allie Jean Whitehurst
    • 15th Elnora Cole
    • 19th Wendy Whitehurst
    • 22nd Dantrell Shelley
    • 24th Rosalyn Whitehurst
    • 25th Elder Grady Whitehurst
    • 26th Apostle Robert L. Redding, Sr.
    • 26th Ortis Omari Betney
    • 31st Memorial Day
    • 31st Alexandra Whitehurst

  • JUNE

    • 7th Pamela Clark
    • 10th Micah Devon Whitehurst
    • 12th Calvin Earl Williams
    • 13th Kayla Austell
    • 15th Fredrick Whitehurst
    • 15th Andre Carlisle
    • 15th Jalissa Thomas-Shelley
    • 16th Frances Williams
    • 20th Father's Day
    • 24th Tanea Sharisse Robinson
    • 25th Rev. June Henry Williams
    • 27th Marquise Hubbard
    • 28th Lillie Mae Shelley
    • 28th John Victor Whitehurst
    • 29th Grady Walker Whitehurst III
    • 29th Alia Janey Shelley
    • 30th Kyanna McLean

  • JULY

    • 3rd Priscilla Sanders
    • 4th Independence Day
    • 4th Plummie Whitehurst
    • 5th Deja Brianna Whitehurst
    • 6th Samuel Farrand Whitehurst
    • 6th Shamica Dixon
    • 7th Kevin Keith Whitehurst
    • 8th Darius Robinson
    • 11th Anthony Williams
    • 12th Elder Issac Whitehurst
    • 12th RaMona Allen
    • 13th Jessica Stewart
    • 14th Paul Whitehurst
    • 15th Shane Travon Shelley
    • 18th Phillip Malvern Richardson
    • 18th Demetrius Rayford
    • 22nd Kerrie ?
    • 27th Katie Bell Williams
    • 28th Adam Robicheaux
    • 29th Evang. P. Mary Whitehurst
    • 29th Marlon B. Williams
    • 30th Etheria Harris


2012 NEWS AND EVENTSicongrvine

Homegoing Celebration
Mrs. Inez Flowers

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Emanuel Temple Church of God in Christ
433 1st Street North
Birmingham, Alabama 35204
(205) 328-8197
Bishop O.L. Meadows, Pastor

For further information contact,
Jerome Flowers (205) 283-1168.

26th Annual
Whitehurst Family Reunion
July 13 - July 15, 2012
Cinncinnati, Ohio

As Blessings Flow Into This Life
By Michelle Whitehurst Goosby
Published: April, 2010




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