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SINCE: Dec. 3.

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Fire Fist


Yes, it is MOVING

Please note all of this:

July 12=
Okay now that i've figured out how to do frames, i'm going to get my new computer soon (i'm on my cousins right now), and got interested in building a site again (cause its summer), i'm back in action with the site! But my 2 helpers have probably left. So i seeking a couple of dedicated helpers to help build the site.

Contact for a submission form (thats my new e-mail that i hope won't get flodded.)

Here's the helper's requirments:

Have a browser frame capable

Be reliable with updates

Agree to build pages on another site & link to the main, (cause i don't trust 5 strangers in my site)

Know about pokémon (to test that, include the answers to these question in the e-mail)

"When you get atop of Silph Co. who do you battle, and what do you get (from the boss of Siplh Co.)

N64=(i don't know much about PKMN Snap, so most of its going to be Stadium)
"In the mini-games of Stadium, what do you have to do in 'Clefairy Says'?

TCG=(one of the best parts about pkmn-in my view-)
"How much HP does Dark Charizard have?"

If you can answer those questions in the e-mail (please include the questions in the e-mail), then you have enough knowledge of pokémon to be considered a Helper.

See you next time or Update...

A while ago=
Pokémania is moving onto a different site, and a whole new different name. We'll have 3 helpers also. Currently i'm still working on that site, so this site will have no more updates, (except for the other sites progress), and will probably be left when the new and better site is built or near built.

Sorry for any trouble


Welcome to the Pallet Town Pokémon Mansion, also called Pokémania! Here you will find rooms to adopt Pokémon, run a gym, find a Pokémon Center and more! Be sure to sign the Guestbook while you're here and check out the Pokémon Adoption Center to adopt a Pokemon in the wild for your page. Visit the PokeCenter to read articles and information concerning Pokemon!

Also to be noticed is the Quest Page in which you, with your adopted Charmander and FireFist, go on a Pokemon journey. Contact FireFist if you're interested!

If you have any questions, feel free to mail FireFist (Sitemaster) or Cynra (picture provider) Thanks and enjoy your stay (-o-)!

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QUIZLET SINCE DEC.3, (site's birthday)

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