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Local Pods of the First Church of Polyamory

Pods are the local functioning unit of the First Church of Polyamory. They act as a combination congregation, Coven, extended family, and group marriage. In some Pods, everyone lives together in a common household. In others, people live separately as couples or triads. A pod must have at least 3 members in order to be listed as a Pod. Singles and couples will be listed under "Pods forming" in order to help you find people to start a Pod with. If you would like to start a Pod of your own, email us at:

Local Pods

New Zealand Pod
From Home Pod: 1st Level Lessons: Part One

Pods forming

Australian Pod forming
Chattanooga,TN Pod forming
Nashville, TN Pod forming
Ploughkeepie,NY Pod forming
Sacramento, CA Pod forming
So you Want to start a Pod?

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