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Welcome to my Birth page. As a religious traditional Midwife that does domiciliary births--homebirth- I have some obvious bias's on the safety of homebirth with midwives. Our technology in this area is a life saver for many wome, but a detriment to many more women and their babies. When a Dr can graduate from school and set up a maternity practice without ever having seen a natural birth, I feel this borders on medical neglect and sets up forms of abuse to the women and her infant. If birth is not first seen as non-medical and normal, then we as a society have lost our capacity to birth natural. What do i mean by natural? no drugs, no intervention, no Pitocin, no vacuum or forceps, no time limit, no Policies hurrying women along, no nurses telling women to PUSH when they are not ready, no cutting of the perineum with in my opinion is close to sexual assualt and a mom being allowed control of her own birth. As a midwife, I try and educate women on the things that make pregnancy healthy and labors normal. I teach women that birth is the ultimate in helping us to reach into ourselves and using our own methods to birth our own baby. As a mom, I help others moms learn to nurture their selves and their babies and their families. Being a nurturer can help so often when a mom is feeling overwhelmed with life. By being nurtured when her own life is stressful, she can then pass this one to another mom when it is her turn. In our society we have forgotten about women nurturing women and committing ourselves to help each others.


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