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Welcome to:
Mad Hatter 2000
Steelers Cheifs Hard Hats

Hello! My name is Travis Allen and I am an airbrush artist living in a small town in eastern Iowa. I have been airbrushing since 1991 and I have worked on many different surfaces through the years. For the past 3 years I have turned to the automotive paint industry for my painting. I work on mostly motorcycles or any surface that I can clear coat. During last years football season I came up with a design for a friends hard hat, we were attending a Monday night football game in Kansas City to see our favorite team, the Steelers play. I painted a Steelers hard hat for my friend and the response was overwhelming by the local fans. I then applied for and received a copyright on my design, and am currently in the process of applying for an art design patent. All of these hard hats are hand painted by myself and are as unique as the individual they are created for, no two faces are the same. The hard hat is then sealed with a clear coat, and a protective clear rubber edging is then applied around the rim to protect against chipping. Mad Hatter hard hats are not intended for industrial use and are not OSHA approved, they are simply a collectors item. Neither Mad Hatter nor Travis Allen is responsible for damages incurred to hard hats or the individual wearing one. Please view some of the pictures here and feel free to contact me on pricing and availability. Thanks for stopping and enjoy!!

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