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CURRENT INTERIM VERSIONS OF EIA-836 EIA-836 Versions 1.1 and 1.2
Instructions for Download and Installation

My Presentation "CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT BASED ON BEST PRACTICES" presented in England in February 2000. CM Based on Best Practices

Download and use or modify an ECP cost page spreadsheet template.(Referred to in MIL-HDBK-61A) Cost Spreadsheet

MIL-STD-973 and MIL-STD-2549 were officially cancelled as of 30 September 2000. Data Item Descriptions replacing those referencing MIL-STD-973 are available from DoD ASSIST website, and XML Templates based on MIL-HDBK-61A are available on the GEIA EIA-STD-836 website. See Link below.

Presentation given at SOLE Conference in Orlando 8/15/01 Configuration Management Evolution --The New Century Also view the text of my associated article for the Logistics Spectrum The Evolution of Configuration Management Standards

View my presentation "EIA-836,A Model for Industry/Government Standardization Synergy" given at the DoD 2001 Standardization Conference held in Washington DC, Nov. 28, 2001. EIA-836 Synergy

Track Session 3 at the NDIA Technical Information Division Conference in Panama City. FL, Dec 3-4, 2001 EIA-836 CM Data Exchange and Interoperability

Handy Excerpts from MIL-HDBK-61 Concerning CM/DM Benefits/RisksCM/DM Benefits/Risks

EIA-836 "CM Data Exchange and Interoperability" Version 1.0 dated 6/15/02 has been released. See link below.

Over 127 comments have been received to date (1/04). Summary of comments

The interim red-lined (version 1.1) showing the incorporation of changes and a clean version (1.2) are available (see above).

The EIA-836 Working Group is hard at work preparing the next version in which the reference schema uses XML Schema Language (.xsd), and the content of the standard is reorganized for enhanced usability and ease of maintenance.

A Proposed Draft Revision B to MIL-HDBK-61 is posted on the ManTech comment website. This draft was prepared in fulfillment of contract requirements associated with EIA-836 and incorporates references to EIA-836 Business Objects. Comments are invited (see link below) before this proposed draft is offered to DoD.

Want to see all the presentations and reports from the 37th Annual GEIA Technical and Engineering Management Conference held in Seattle in September 2003. Check the Conference Proceedings Link below. Don't miss "Alís Famous Hamburger Technical Data Package."

ANSI/GEIA 649A "National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management" is dated April 2004. For distribution information go to or contact GEIA at (703) 907-7566.

GEIA-859 "Data Management" is dated August 2004. For distribution information go to or contact GEIA at (703) 907-7566.

The GEIA 649 Handbook Team is hard at work creating the the "how-to" companion to the 649 principles. It is targeted for publication early in 2005.

Jan 2005 GEIA SSTC/G-33/47 Quarterly,
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Tel: (850) 267-9500 or (800) 367-1271
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Apr 2005 GEIA G-33/47 Quarterly - Pheonix,AZ

Jun 2005 GEIA SSTC/G-33/47 Quarterly - Baltimore, MD

Sept 2005 GEIA 39th Annual Engineering & Technical Management Conference, Atlanta, GA

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