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11.14.05: I have decided to move my site to a registered domain name, so there will be no popup ads. I am determined to get back into breeding fuzzies within a year. So until then, I'll work, save money, and concentrate on this site.
I started this site when I was in 4-H to help people, I believe it still does.

Since I've been out of it so long, if you know of any changes to the standard, new breeds, other important information, please email me with it.

I'm also desperately searching for anyone who has any of my stock, or decendents from my stock. Look on your pedigrees, if it shows "Kim's" as the prefix, please contact me. I am willing to drive across country to get my old line, or fly them to me.

The new site will be located at

This site is completely ad free. It isn't up fully, but when it is, coming here, you will be instantly transferred to it.

10.24.05: To anyone who ever comes to this site anymore, let it be known, that I have since sold all of my stock. I did this because my father, Glen Kruse, who attended all shows with me, passed away last December with lung cancer. He had been sick a very short time before he left us. I haven't had the heart to update my site until now. It's been almost a year.

I sold all of my fuzzies to a lady who got a serious deal, and still had the courage to steal items from my barn, as I went inside to get her change for her large bills.

That is another reason I didn't have the heart to update this site. I bred these rabbits for 12 years and they were torn from me.

I have since got married to my long time boyfriend, Tim Ringenbach. We married in October of last year. We're planning on buying a house very soon and I would love to get into breeding my rabbits again. I know I will have probably lost my bloodline forever, but do miss it dearly. I will be back at shows one time soon.

If anyone wants to have contact with me, send me an email at

I will probably never update this site again until I am back into breeding. I will leave the information up that has helped thousands, to continue to do its work. I will still answer any questions if you want to email me. Thanks to everyone who makes this a wonderful thing to do.

11.15.03: Above pictured is the newest trophy won by young Anakin. He won BOS in Florence, AL last weekend.

On a sad note, Anakin's father and father to MANY of my grand champion and big winners, died today. Scottie was struggling to recover from a furball, almost made it, and somehow broke a leg. Since he broke it, his health declined and he never came out of it.

I have several rabbits bred, I haven't had the time to update anything on this page, other then the breeders directory and some new pictures, so look around. I have decided to keep a doe from Aki and Tsunami, her name is Livia and she is a beautiful and very promising squirrel doe.

There are no more shows for me until probably March. Gives me plenty of time for breeding, culling, and UPDATING THE WEBSITE! I'll try to get around to that one day. I don't have much for sale right now, but will gather a list eventually. Please email me if you are looking for something. I do have a few, and can email you the information. I'm hoping to update the site a lot within the next few weeks.

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