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It's Gotta Be Kev!

Happy 28th Birthday Kevvy!


Welcome! PLEASE sign the guestbook and come again! :ož

Hello and welcome to my new Kevin Richardson fan site. I know this is pretty small and simple right now, but I'm planning on a huge revamp soon! It will always be under construction as I add many more goodies. :o) Check out what I have up so far and enjoy!!! Oh and please don't take any of my pics except the ones in the pic section because those don't really belong to me! The pics not in there was modified by me (the email and home boxes, etc). Thanks!!!


5 October 1999 - Please bear with me, I'm working on new stuff right now, but just haven't had time lately with school and all...check back soon! For now I have some new pics up - new yummy ones and a new face pic :o)


Find out all there is to know about this gorgeous man.

Kevin Quotes

These quotes will either make you go "Awwwww" or make you laugh your ass off!

Kev's Bad Hair Days

Shield your eyes, y'all... :o)

Not for the faint of heart...

Some of my favorite Kevin photos...

Kevin's Many Faces

Weird but funny...

BSB Articles

Click here to read the latest Entertainment Weekly article for the week of 17 September 1999! Pic of cover as well...

Sound clips

Hear Kev sing "Let's Talk About Sex!" **FAINT** Oh, uh yeah, there's other sounds too so check 'em out!

BSB News

LOL - Poor Kevvy...


15 September 1999 - I review the new Larger Than Life video

My Favorite Links





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