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(The Dodge Dealer Team)

(The Dodge Dealer Team) Nascar racing 3 addons, tracks, setups and more  

Click on the Banner Below to view Live race Pictures from the 2000 Dega Winston 500

Visit Jacks Page for the n3 Companion and other great utilities

We won the site of the week award!!!!!!

They will be missed

Jimmy's 2001 Dodge Intrepid

Big Racing has added some members!!!!
New team member info has been posted, check it out!!!follow members link


Info on The King

This site is always under construction

BIG Racing Team Members and member info

2001 Winston cup schedule and winner of each race

2001 Craftsman Truck Schedule and winner of each race

Accidents Viewed from 2 Different computers. Look before You Flame

In Memory of Davey Allison

The following link includes the BIG RACING TEAM TRACK "BIGGTYME" Download and enjoy

This is a high banked Superspeedway track, 11 on the straight & 22 degree turns.
with lap speeds reaching 200 plus, give it a try

N3 Add On Tracks


Submit your setups

N3 Utilities And Pitwall Removers

More links to more N3 sites

Legends Tracks and other goodies for Legends

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This is my family, the 2 girls are by a first marriage and come over every other weekend, they are crazy about racing also. The boys have grown since the  first picture,the second is current of the  boys. Thanks for the good races and for the online friendship, maybe I can meet some of you  one day. SEE YA ON THE TRACK. KEEP IT CLEAN AND GREEN

Thanks for the wives and kids for sacrificing so much for us guys so we can race together

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