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Hello from Granny Cin!
Glad you stopped by!
I'm very happily married, with two children
and 4 grandchildren so far.
I decided the best way to keep my family,
whom live in another state, updated with pics
of my grandbabies was to make webpages.
When I first started making webpages
I was at the mercy of other graphic
designers for all my graphics.
After hours of pulling my hair out
and many tutorials, I've finally
learned how to do most of the
fancy stuff myself. There
are still some of my webpages
that have other people's graphics on them
and if so, they are given credit for them.
Below you will find three tables.
The first one is all of my grandchildren's,
Chloe, Caleb,Cade and Carson's pages.
The second table is all my family pages
and the third table is the "this and that" pages.
For easier navigation these tables are on
each one of my webpages that isn't
a poem. The poem pages have their own table
with a link to each one of the poems.
So you can either click on the
"back", "next" or "home" buttons on each page,
or you can jump around by clicking
on the links on the table.

I hope you enjoy your visit
and please check back often
as I will constantly be adding
more pages and updating.

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My Family

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An Angel In Heaven
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My Best Friend My Sister Pam My Sister Nancy
A Little About Me My Brother Ken My Brother Tim
My Mother In Loving Memory
of My Dad
My Son Rob
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This and that pages

My Holiday Page My Snow Globes Images In Wine Glasses
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Poem Index One Poem Index Two Poem Index Three
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Disclaimer: My website is done just for fun and entertainment
and is in no way used for personal gain or profit.
I have, to the best of my knowledge, followed all
copyright laws. If a link has been asked to be required
for use of graphics, there is a link.
Some of the graphics used came from websites where
no links are required. Other graphics were
made by me from CDs that I have purchased
with clipart on them. All the poems used on my website are
either "Author Unknown" or the author is named.