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Who Am I?

I will try my best to share with you all the boring and pathetic stuff that has happend in my life. I will be adding new things often so check back frequently. If you want...

This is me at 4 1/2 I know I'm so darned cute except for the bruise on my eye!! My next door neighbor Pepe got mad at me and threw a brick at my head moments before my big photo shoot! What a little bastard!! He is very lucky that it (the scar) only rears it's ugly head when I cry!

For my 13th birthday I had a slumber party. My birthday was in the summer and we had this gargantuous back yard so we camped out in tents. It was fun! This was during the "PPPPuttin' On The Hits" days so we had a lip sync contest. I remember doing MADONNA's "Dress You Up". I rocked! One of my friends Shonny Nonny Picanny (or as my brother used to call her Shonna Dildo) couldn't make it cause she was responsible and had a paper route. So she came over EARLY the morning after to scare us. Here she is dressed as a Pizza boy! Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo!!

In Jr. High my bestfriend Michelle and I were way into Poison. So much so that when she moved to Missouri "I Won't Forget You" was our song. Sob sob, boo hoo! Seriously though, LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN did kinda rock! This is us at the Wine and Cheese Festival in Riverbank California. I'm the one on the right with the poison shirt on. I look like a groupie in training! Don't worry, in a year or so I will be a regular teenage girl with NKOTB posters on her wall.

See I told you! Shortly after the Poison phase I moved on to what EVERY girl in my school was into... New Kids On The Block! In fact, they were my very first concert! I was madly in love with Jonathan Knight, the ugly one. This is my Jonathan Knight doll that I bought at Wall-Mart for $13.86. I also have Jordan, Joe, Donnie and Danny!

When I arrived at Riverbank High I was the only freshman in drama that was fun! Then I joined an Improvisational acting troupe called Spontaneous Combustion. It was fun and I got paid! It was sponsered by the Center for Human Services so our JOB was to teach young people about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc... soon I grew tired of preaching, I'm sorry but nobody likes someone to tell them they suck, so I quit. I'm the cute one sitting on the floor on the left.

Here is a school play I was in when I was a freshman. The Wizard of Oz (with a twist). I am on the far right in the back. You can see my black and white tennis shoes pretty good. I played STONER 1 (seriously).

I absolutely HATE having my picture taken and people always seem to do it when I'm not ready. Me again...

In highschool I was the drama queen/choir dork and I always believed I would be famous, everyone who knew me did. I thought I'd be an actress. or a singer in a rock band. Believe me it sucks being from a small town and the only artistic talent in your school. All these years later when I see people I went to school with they still ask if I'm in movies or if I'm still singing. I even sang at my graduation. Now your starting to understand... I'm a dork!

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