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Guru Catherine's Meaning of Life

Hello wonderful and not so wonderful people! I will now attempt to take you on a glorious journey called my life. I hope you will find it interesting as well as educational but more than likely like everything else in life it will be boring and unsatisfactory. I think you should give it a chance. At the very least you may enjoy a slight chuckle, but then again if you do not have a sense of humor and take everything seriously; you will notice that my email address is at the bottom of every page and you can send me email calling me psycho, loser, idiot, freak, weirdo, wacko etc... Well, have fun and please oh please sign my guestbook, there's lots and lots of celebrity guests and if you hate it and think me to be psycho, loser, idiot, freak, weirdo, wacko etc... this is another place where you can tell me and everyone else what you think. I'm lonely and I need your words of encouragement so sign it already!! Or not...

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