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Letter from William Ezekial "Zeke" Grimes ca 1926, written on paper from the Merchants Hotel, Ozark, Dale County, Alabama
Dear Papa,

I spent the night in Ozark, Ala. this is the County Seat of Dale Co. and just a few miles from your old home, Honey Town.

I found some Dowling's here and am sure they are some of our people, they trace their people from South Carolina.

Uncle ?Peceles? Dowling lives here he is now 82 yrs old I have not been to see him yet, but probably will this morning. I got in here late last night and have not had the opportunity of doing very much investigation as yet.

I am waiting on one of Uncle Charles Edwards Son to come down and go out to the old home place with me near Honey Town.

There are a lot of Prices and Mathews, I mean some of the younger ones.

We are going upon the line of Coffee and Dale Co this morning.

The Grimes are well known back here and are of fine standing,so are the Edwards they are of the highest standing of any of the old families.

The County Seat has been moved here to Ozark since you lived here.

Another old Family are the Windums,(could this be Windhams?).

I will write you more tomorrow when I get back from this trip.

I am still working in Birmingham.

(NOTE: No closing. On back of page some notes that follow.)

Charlie Culton ? b4/22/1826 d 5/31/1870

Mary A Cockers ? b11/22/1831 d ?/28/1909

Henry Curway? Ceerway? b1/13/1813 d 8/31/1893

Dempsey Dowling b1783 d1865

Capt. John W. Dowling 1832-1893 Ozark

Mrs. Rev D. Dowling b3/4/1787 d 1/15/1859   Ozark

Rev. Angus Dowling 12/25/1892 son of Noel and Sallied Dowling.

Simeon Dowling     5/15/1835

James R Dowling 9/6/1861 (NOTE: Under that is 1840)

NOTE: This is either places he had been or places to go.

1 Kirk Byrd - place, 2 Seaborn-Pennal,3 Leavy Dowling,4 Zion Church, 5 Hawridge, 6 Honey Town 7 Pealor Dowling, 8 Bear ?Beonsh? 9 Pleasent Hill Church, 10 -----nothing.

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