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From Papers Liz Grimes and Christine GRIMES Thacker found at the Atlanta Archives:
On William Grimes: Out of estate pd to Legatees, John Grantham (he married Sarah ca 1833 so this tells me Sarah was the daughter of William; their son was in the household of James and Martha Grimes in 1860. The Grantham were still in Stewart Co 1850.) (More on James and Martha later)

NANCY Grimes
Calvin Grimes
Cornelius Linch (Spelled Lynch now.); husband of Harriet
Nancy Jr. (That is what it said.)
John (Could this be who they call John Jr.?)
David Grimes
Needham Johnson (A Lucinda Grimes married a William H. Johnson 1/15/1840,Needham was married to Mary. There are so many mistakes in the Stewart County history book. In the book, it has wrtten that the bond for John Grimes as $800 and it was $8,000. That shows that John was better off than William, whose bond on the estate was $2,000, according to the book. I have not found bond amount papers for William.)

November Term 1839, return 1/9/1840, another paper has Minor Legatees for William as Viz James (b: ca 1822 and later married Martha Jane Grimes, daughter of John and Catherine Frederick Grimes); Lucinda; Buckner; ___? not sure of this spelling but most likely Louisa, Loiso ???; and William.

Paper dated 7/11/1837 has Nancy as Widow of William, another paper has Mary.

Now for John:
John Grimes Adm, (note there's no Jr on this one) (no dates, just a long sheet of paper, and there are papers where these people on this sheet have sign papers from Coffee County, Alabama getting $487 from the Estate of John Grimes Senr who died 1837); signed 7/27/1846; 3 witness by Isaac Grimes and George K's is witness by his brother, Marshall.
Grimes, James, wife, Martha and Jane (looks like Janes but in other papers it has Jane, daughter of John & Catherine)
Grimes, Catherine guardian
Robert F. John W. Marshall, husband of Hepsabeth (daughter of John and Catherine)
Grimes, George K Mary C. (daughter of John and Catherine)
James H.

7/25/1837 paper has Catherine as widow of John. She only recieved $171.31 on the Legatee paper dated 7/27/1846, and she signed it CATHERINE Grimes. Paid Jan 25, 1840 for reading, writing & ___graphy, for 1839, Katherine Grimes (has to be Mary Catherine) 7 months
Martha Grimes 5 months
Eveline (Sarah E.??) 9 months
Robert Grimes 6 months; also paid 1/11/1841 Tuition for Robert.
I have not seen anything about Eliza Ann Grimes that married John Grimes.

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