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    The official site of the
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    The NYK Knicks Fan
    Page- Lots of stuff!

    Knicks Central- Great
    great page, has a poll,
    pictures. Not updated
    too often

    New York Knicks- Cool
    links page

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    Welcome to a wonderful Knicks site! Too bad they didn't win the finals last year, but it was very close. The season has begun and they are now a 500 team, but it's ok because they went from one of the worst teams last season to the finals, and I am confident that they'll do just as good this year. They have Frederic Weis from France(7'2", 15th pick) and J.R. Koch from Iowa State. No one can beat them this year! Go Knicks go!

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    • Allan Houston(my fave)
    • Latrell Spreewell
    • Patrick Ewing
    • Charlie Ward
    • Chris Childs
    • Chris Dudley
    • Herb Williams
    • Marcus Camby
    • Frederic Weis
    • J.R. Koch
    • Larry Johnson
    • Rick Brunson
    • Kurt Thomas
    • Jeff Van Gundy

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