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  • Oil E'MU Pain Formula
  • Purple Emu Derma 50 Wound & Burn Cream
  • Purple Emu EMU-X Analgesic

    Oil E'MU Pain Formula by Johnson Enterprise has enhanced the remarkable penetrating and pain relieving properties of Oil E'MU Pure oil by the addition of aloe-vera, menthol, eucalyptus and tea-tree oils. This all-natural pain formula has been used to temporarily reduce or eleminate pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, rheumatism, sprains, strains and bruises.
    (106)Oil E'MU Pain Formula - $6.70/1.0 oz.
    (107)Oil E'MU Pain Formula - $12.75/2.0 oz.
    Purple Emu Derma 50 Wound & Burn Cream is an all-natural cream delivering soothing pain relief and aiding in the healing of severe burns, wounds, bedsores and skin irritations.
    (204)Purple Emu Derma 50 - $28.50/2.0 oz.
    Purple Emu Emu X Analgesic is a highly-effective, odorless roll-on pain relief perfect for muscle aches, temporary relief of arthritis, rheumatism and backache. This product has as one of its ingredients, capsaicin (heat).
    (210)Purple Emu Emu X - $8.05/2.0 oz
    Purple Emu Med-E-Rub is an all-natural Sports and Arthritis Pain Relief Cream which is cool and soothing to the skin.